Scientific research shows that many factors influence academic success. Sleep and insomnia are also problems affecting academic performance. For this reason, it is especially important what hours courses take place at the university. So, how effective are course hours on academic achievement? Scientists seeking an answer to this question recently signed an interesting and comprehensive study. Accordingly, early classes have a negative impact on academic performance. Let’s look at the details together.

Scientists from the University of Singapore in a large study found that early morning lectures are associated with lower academic performance.

The study examined the hours of 23,391 university students connected to university Wi-Fi networks and tracked their participation in class. In addition, the study provided answers to questions about whether attendance is lower in the morning hours and whether these activities affect sleep and student performance. As a result of the analyzed data, it was found that classes in the early hours reduce academic performance.

According to the study, attendance at 08:00 am classes is 10 percent lower than attendance at later hours.

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On the other hand, it was noticed that students could not wake up on time for one of every three lessons that started at 08:00. It was found that for lessons that started at noon or later, there was no such problem. The wearable technology used in the study also examined the sleep patterns of 181 students who had lessons early in the morning.

Accordingly, it was revealed that these students went to bed at almost the same hours as the rest of the students, but slept less. Because these students were waking up earlier to be in time for early classes.

The study compared the number of early childhood classes and the average scores of thousands of students.

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It was found that there is a negative correlation between the two variables. In other words, as the number of lessons in the morning increased, the GPA decreased. Thus, it was concluded that early morning classes have a negative impact on academic performance. For this reason, scientists state that the reorganization of teaching hours, especially in universities, can have positive consequences for student achievement.

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