Kuzguncuk, located in the Uskudar district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, manages to capture everyone’s attention with its unusual history, culture and unspoiled structure of the area. Kuzgunchuk, who stood against the times and managed to make people happy with his surroundings, continues to exist right at the Bosphorus. Even though this is an area, there are so many places to visit that you would have to spend a whole day in Kuzgunchuk. Thus, those who do not have enough travel and visiting new places start their journey by creating a list of places to visit in Kuzgunchuk. So, where to go to this beautiful area of ​​Kuzgunchuk? Let’s look at the details together.

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Kuzgunchuk history

Kuzgunchuk is the first place where Jews settled in the Asian part of Istanbul. When the Jews came here is unknown. However, in the sources of the 17th century, this unique area is referred to as a Jewish village.

European Jews considered Kuzgunchuk “the last stop on the way to the Holy Land”. Those who for some reason could not go to the promised land made a will to live in Kuzgunchuk, die and be buried here. In the same years, Greeks began to live in this area along with the Jews. In short, this area has been a place where people of different faiths have lived throughout history with its multicultural structure and colorful streets.

Kuzgunchuk places to visit


This area, unique in every respect, has many places worth seeing and exploring. We offer you a short tour. Here are the places to visit in Kuzgunchuk.

  • Ahmed Fethi Pasha’s mansion
  • Perihan Abla street
  • Kuzgunchuk garden
  • Urianizade Mosque
  • Cemil Molla’s mansion
  • Kuzgunchuk at home
  • Mansion of Marko Pasha
  • Synagogues and churches

Ahmed Fethi Pasha’s mansion

Ahmed Fethi Pasha's mansion

High on our list of places to visit in Kuzguncuk, Ahmed Fethi Pasha’s mansion was built in 1840 in traditional Ottoman architecture. From time immemorial to this day, the mansion is called by the names of its owners. When Ahmed Fethi Pasha bought the mansion from Ismet Bey, the mansion’s name remained as Ahmed Fethi Pasha’s mansion. This wooden mansion fully reflects the Ottoman architecture. Today, Ahmet Fethi Pasha’s mansion and its grove have been expropriated by the municipality. So it’s open to the public.

Perihan Abla street

Perihan Abla street

This street, where the famous series of the 90s “Perihan Abla” was filmed, smells of nostalgia. There is even a “Bread Boat” from the “Bread Boat” series on the corner of the street. Perihan Abla Street manages to satisfy the soul with its nostalgic and beautiful houses. Just stepping on this street, you will return to the past.

Kuzgunchuk garden

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

Kuzgunchuk’s Garden, also known as Elijah’s Garden, is a garden located in the center of the district. The garden contains farmland, fruit orchards, hobby gardens, walking paths, a playground, areas with medicinal and aromatic plants, a recreation area, a basketball court, and an amphitheater. Many special events are held in this garden, such as the Hidirellez celebration. The garden is divided into 100 small plots, 50 of which are given to the residents of the area, and the remaining 50 are given to information houses and schools.

Urianizade Mosque

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

The oldest mosque in Kuzgunjuk, the Urianizade Mosque, was built in the 1860s. The mosque, located on the banks of the Bosphorus, looks like a mansion. It is said that this mosque, which has a very impressive appearance, was built in 40 days. The most striking part of the square mosque is its minaret. The mosque has undergone many restorations over the years, but the minaret is the only part that has survived according to the original plan.

Cemil Molla’s mansion

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

The Cemil Moll mansion, which immediately comes to mind when talking about places to visit in Kuzgundzhuk, was built in 1885 II. It was built for Mahmoud Cemil Efendi, the then Minister of Justice, at the behest of Abdulhamid. The mansion was designed by the Italian architect Alberti. In his design, he used East-West styles together and designed all the rooms of the mansion with sea views. Also in this mansion was one of the first telephones in the Ottoman Empire.

Kuzgunchuk at home

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

One of the details that makes Kuzgunchuk special are its magnificent houses. Many of the houses in the area fully reflect the Ottoman architecture and, most importantly, they are well maintained. So, what shall we say, if you are going to Kuzgunchuk, don’t come back without visiting the neighborhoods and streets with houses that smell of history 🙂

Mansion of Marko Pasha

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

Marko Pasha, known as the physician of Sultan Abzulaziz, is the first physician to receive the title of Pasha. Marko Pasha was known for his patient and solution-oriented nature. For this reason, everyone who had health problems went to him. The mansion of Marko Pasha, one of the outstanding personalities of that period, is located in a place that embraces the Bosphorus. One of the most popular TV series of that time, Hayat Bilgisi, was filmed in this mansion. Today this mansion is used as a school.

Synagogues and churches

Kuzgunchuk places to visit

From the past to the present, Kuzgunchuk has been a place where communities of various faiths live. Therefore, in Kuzgundzhuk there are places of worship of various religions. Naturally, it would not be a mistake to call Kuzgunchuk a spiritual center of attraction. Here are the synagogues and churches you can visit in Kuzgunchuk.

  • Armenian Church of Surb Grikor the Illuminator
  • Synagogue Bet Yaakov
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Panteleimon
  • Synagogue Beth Nissim

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