Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader who reacted with ballistic missile tests, appeared on camera with his daughter.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made his first appearance in front of cameras with his daughter during yesterday’s ICBM test.

The North Korean leader was first seen with his daughter while testing an intercontinental missile.

North Korean news agency KCNA included photos of Kim and an unnamed boy around a rocket platform set up at the airport in the capital Pyongyang in their news report about the test.

Photographs showing the launch of the Hwaseong-17 rocket show Kim walking in front of a wheeled rocket platform as a 12-13-year-old girl in a white coat holds her hand and watches as she is carried to the runway. and walking on the runway after being upright.

In another photo of Kim watching the launch from a watchtower, a boy in a white coat sits next to Kim.

The boy, whose name was not mentioned in the KCNA news, appeared in front of the cameras for the first time. American basketball player Dennis Rodman revealed that Kim and his wife Ri Sol Joo had a baby named Joo Ae in an interview with the British Guardian newspaper after visiting the country in 2013.

Rodman stated, “I held their baby Joo Ae in my arms and talked to Ms. Ree.”

North Korean state media publicly announced Kim and Ri’s wedding in July 2012. South Korean intelligence told the country’s authorities that the marriage ceremony actually took place three years ago, but was not disclosed.

Kim Ri’s wife began to be referred to as the “respectable first lady” in state media after 2018. Ri was allegedly pregnant in 2012.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff announced yesterday that North Korea had launched an ICBM eastward at 10:18 local time.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense also announced that at 11:23 local time, the missile is estimated to have landed in Japan’s exclusive zone.

It was recorded that the rocket, which had been in the air for 69 minutes, rose to a height of 6,000 kilometers and reached a range of about 1,000 kilometers.

The US, Japan and South Korea held an emergency meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in Thailand after the launch.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and South Korean Prime Minister Han Dak-soo, as well as the prime ministers of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, attended the meeting convened by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

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