The most curious question in connection with the 2023 presidential election, which was announced to take place on May 14, was the question of “who will be the opposition candidate.” The six opposition parties that first formed the “Six Tables” and then the “Union of Nations” came together under the leadership of the Happiness Party, and the meeting reached a consensus on a presidential candidate, and it was announced that the candidate would be announced to the public on March 6 . However, rumors circulating behind the scenes in Ankara indicated that things might not be as they seem for the opposition. That’s what happened! Meral Aksener, one of the most important figures in the opposition wing, delivered a poignant and historic speech that drew a lot of attention at a press conference she recently held.

Aksener said he did not accept the candidacy of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and announced that the IYI party had withdrawn from the Alliance of Nations. Social media has not been left out of this unexpected breakup announcement. Let’s look at the details together.

The six political parties that make up the National Alliance gathered yesterday (March 2) under the auspices of the Party of Happiness.

As a result of the meeting, a text signed by the leaders of six opposition parties was published. The text indicated that the parties had reached a consensus on the alliance’s presidential candidate, but the candidate would be presented to the public after the March 6 meeting.

According to information from behind the scenes in Ankara, the alliance’s presidential candidate was Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

Meral Akshener

5 political parties reached a consensus on the candidacy of Kılıçdaroğlu. However, IYI party leader Meral Akşener, who previously ran with a “candidate for victory”, proposed Ekrem Imamoğlu or Mansour Yavaş as a presidential candidate. As a matter of fact, Aksener, who made statements after the meeting of the general director of his party, said that he once again made this demand at yesterday’s meeting. However, at today’s Aksener press conference there were even more bright statements.

Meral Aksener announces that IYI party has left Six Tables

Meral Akshener

Aksener stated that the table had gone from “a public opinion platform to a notary’s table” and that the IYI party was facing an imposition and they would not accept it. The experienced politician accused the other 5 opposition leaders of “activating their own programs and thinking about their own interests, not about Turkey”!

At the press conference, Aksener summoned Mansur Yavash and Ekrem Imamoglu to serve.

Meral Akshener

Referring to the two names, Aksener said:Our people obligated you to wear a shirt of fire.” said.

Meral Aksener, who has sharply criticized the opposition and announced her party’s withdrawal from the Six Tables, has become a major item on the social media agenda.

After his harsh and flamboyant statements, there were those who supported Aksener on social networks, and those who criticized him. Here are some of those social media posts.








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