The doctor who helped give birth to the children of the beloved gymnast Kabaeva, who was hidden from everyone by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found suspiciously dead.

A remarkable development took place as new revelations surfaced about Alina Kabaeva, 39, who allegedly had a secret affair with Russian President Vladimir Putin, 63.

The events following Putin’s announcement that Putin had bought a very luxurious house for Kabaeva were the subject of international public opinion in opposition Russian media yesterday. It was stated that the 63-year-old doctor Natalia Thibault Kondratyeva helped give birth to children to Putin and Kabaeva, which they kept secret from everyone.

The Swiss-based doctor was said to have died four days before he was leaked.

After the disclosure of information about Kondratieva, who lives in Switzerland, it turned out that the woman who left for Russia and gave birth died briefly. 4 days before it became known, Dr. The opposition press, reporting on the death of Kondratieva, wrote that this death was suspicious.

Dr. Although it was stated that Kondratieff died in Switzerland, “the cause of death has not been disclosed. After his death, he was cremated in a crematorium. The Russian opposition media outlet Proekt stated: “The doctor helped Kabaeva give birth to two children from Putin in 2015 and 2019.”

In the news in the “Project” “How Swiss doctors who went to Moscow toured like VIPs. The answer is simple, these women were important to the Russian leader. These women were Kabaeva’s midwives and doctors.

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