The earthquake that hit Kahramanmaras on February 6 made us pay a heavy price to remember that the earthquake must be a high priority on our country’s agenda. In this direction, making important warnings about the Istanbul earthquake, prof. Dr. A wonderful statement came from Nasi Göryur. Speaking at a seminar organized in partnership with the Gemlik Municipality, the Istanbul Planning Agency and the Union of the Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, the geologist recalled the fact of the earthquake in our country and said that an earthquake with a minimum magnitude of 7.2 is expected in Istanbul. . Let’s look at the details together.

Member of the Academy of Sciences, geologist prof. Dr. Nasi Göryur made wonderful statements at the Gemlik Disaster Mitigation Workshop on the Marmara Earthquake held in Bursa.

Goerer said that Turkey, which is located in a seismic zone, should prepare its cities for earthquakes. Claiming that earthquakes have been occurring in Anatolian geography for 13 million years, Görür said:Don’t wait until earthquakes are over. The end of the earthquake means the death of the world. For this reason, we need to build earthquake-resistant settlements. Earthquake-resistant residential areas have been built by Japan, Mexico, Chile and Italy. Why not? What we lack is political will. There is no government that prioritizes the earthquake and understands its importance. No country in the world was as prepared for an earthquake as we are in the report. You’ll see hundreds of reports asking, “What should we do in an earthquake?” But very little has been done. Our goal is to ensure that our people do not die while protecting earthquake-resistant settlements.” used his statements.

prof. Dr. Naci Göryur stated that scientists had warned before earthquakes, but these warnings were not taken into account.

Istanbul earthquake

Göryur spoke about this amazing situation at a seminar in Bursa.We say that there will be earthquakes, but neither my dear people, nor local authorities, nor central governments are listening. We cried during 99 earthquakes in Elazig and Marash. We still say it. Beware of Marmara, a major earthquake is coming. Are we waiting for him to come? made a statement. On the other hand, Göryur also issued attention-grabbing warnings about the Istanbul earthquake.

Saying that the main danger for the Sea of ​​Marmara is the northern branch of the North Anatolian Fault, Nasi Göryur said that this line could produce an earthquake with a minimum magnitude of 7.2 to 7.6.

Scientists have long warned that a major earthquake will occur in Istanbul. Many scientists are of the opinion that the previously “expected” Istanbul earthquake is just around the corner. prof. Dr. Nasi Göryur’s recent warning reveals the extent of the danger.

During his statements about the Istanbul earthquake, Görür stated that they were waiting for the Adalar and Kumburgaz faults to break.

Istanbul earthquake

Seeing that scientists, including himself, have long been warning about the Istanbul earthquake, sees his statement in the relevant section:Now we are saying that there will be an earthquake in Marmara. We expect a breakthrough of the Adalar and Kumburgaz faults, as well as the North Anatolian fault. We expect earthquakes to reach a minimum of 7.2 and 7.6.” used his statements.

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