In Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital, a car crashed into pedestrians, killing one person and injuring six.

A car crashed into pedestrians on a footpath in Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital. Meanwhile, the assailant, who fired from a car, was shot and killed by police officers. According to preliminary data, a tourist was killed and at least 6 people were injured as a result of the attack.

News of the attack came from Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

A man on a coastal road in the city center opened fire and drove his car into pedestrians on the footpath.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the attack, 1 person was killed and at least 6 people were injured. According to news in the Israeli press, it was reported that the deceased was an Italian tourist.

Israeli police announced that a nearby police officer neutralized the driver who was trying to draw his gun, sharing information that he found many injured and an overturned car near the footpath when he arrived on the scene.

Images were also posted on social media showing Israeli police opening fire on an overturned car on the side of the road.

This latest attack is the second deadliest in the West Bank after two Israeli sisters were killed when their car was shot at.

After the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly ordered the police and army to step up security measures.

The use of disproportionate force by the Israeli police against Muslims in the Al-Aqsa Mosque using stun bombs, rubber-coated bullets and batons on two consecutive nights escalated tensions in East Jerusalem and led to the events.

The Israeli army said that a series of rockets were fired from Lebanon at the northern regions of the country, and warning sirens were turned on in the northern regions of the country.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said 34 rockets were fired in the attack. The Israeli army reported that three mortar shells were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel in the evening.

The Red Star of David emergency service reported that an Israeli who was wounded by shrapnel in the shelling was slightly injured, and another person was injured while fleeing to a shelter.

Israel announced that the rocket attacks were carried out by Hamas elements stationed in Lebanon and blamed Hamas.

Israel announced that it had attacked Gaza in the evening, but rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.

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