Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz touched on the nuclear deal in his statement on Iran.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has called for a new nuclear deal designed under pressure from conditions in Iran.

According to the Israeli newspaper Maarif, Gantz spoke at an annual conference called the “Jewish Media Summit” organized by the Israeli government’s press office.

“Iran is a regional and global problem of the first order, and this alone poses a threat to Israel.” Gantz said that, as with NATO coordination in Ukraine, partners in the international community should be urged to take coordinated action on Iran.

Gantz, who warned that Iran could reach a point of no return in the nuclear field, used the following statements:

“Time is critical, Iran is currently suffering and suffering from internal problems, economic difficulties and international backlash against the supply of weapons (Russia) for strikes on Ukraine. Now we must deepen military, intelligence and political cooperation.”

Gantz addressed international powers stating, “The time has come to put pressure on Iran for an advanced nuclear deal that will stop its nuclear progress.”

If the pressure in question does not work, Gantz said, “everyone must use force and demonstrate force against Iranian aggression. Actions that need to be taken now must be defended without delay.” made an offer.

Dispute between Iran and the IAEA

The discovery of nuclear finds at 3 locations in Iran, which were not reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the lack of response to questions addressed to the Tehran administration regarding the nuclear finds in question, caused tension between the parties.

On November 2, Iran announced that it had sent a delegation to Vienna to bridge differences with the IAEA, and on November 9, IAEA President Rafael Mariano Grossi said that Iran had “nothing new to offer” at the last meeting.

The United States, France, Germany and England, accusing Iran of refusing to cooperate with the IAEA on its nuclear program, prepared a resolution for the IAEA Executive Council, which emphasized “Iran’s immediate cooperation with the IAEA.”

The resolution, voted by the IAEA Executive Council on November 17 and voted by 26 out of 35 countries, called on Iran, accused of lack of cooperation with the IAEA, to “immediately provide an acceptable technical explanation for the presence of trace uranium in 3 undeclared sites.”

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