Very interesting news that has appeared in recent days has become an important item on the agenda around the world, and it has been talked about a lot. The news contained information that sex was accepted as an official sport in Sweden and that “sex olympiads” would be held in the country in the coming days. The press services of many countries of the world covered this extraordinary news on their pages and screens, the Sex Olympic Games in Sweden turned into the most discussed event in the world. Well, how true was this news that spread like a virus around the world? Will Sweden really host the sex olympiad? Let’s look at the details together…

Last week, the Times of India newspaper, based in India, shared some very interesting news with its readers.

In the news “Sweden has officially recognized sex as a sport and will host the first European Sex Championship next week.” statements have been included. According to the newspaper, this extraordinary event was to take place in Gothenburg, and preparations for it were in full swing.

This interesting news spread all over the world in a short time. Many media outlets have informed their readers that the sex olympiad will take place in Sweden. This news has become one of the main items on the agenda of world public opinion.

The news, which stunned millions of people, also contained details about the Sex Olympics.

sex olympics

It was determined which disciplines will take place at the Olympiad and by what criteria the participants will be judged. For example, when calculating points, the participants’ movements during sexual intercourse, their aesthetic appearance, success in seducing their partners and much more will be taken into account, and the champion of the world’s first sex olympiad will be determined accordingly. So will the Sex Olympics really take place in Sweden?

The news that sex is considered a sport in Sweden is not true!

According to news from the Swedish press organization Goterborgs-Posten, Dragan Bratić, head of an unofficial organization called the Swedish Sex Federation, has made some attempts to embrace sex as a sport.

Bratić sought to register sex as a sport and organize a competition in this area. However, the Swedish National Sports Confederation did not accept this proposal. Therefore, sex has never been registered as a sport in Sweden.

It turned out that the president of the Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratić, runs a large number of strip clubs in Sweden.

sex olympics

Last January, Bratić said that sex should be considered a sport because of its physical and mental health benefits, and contacted official authorities. But Bratic’s statement was rejected by the National Sports Confederation as incomplete…

Not finding what he expected from the official authorities, Bratić declares that the organization will take place no matter what.

sex olympics

According to Bratic, the Olympics will start on June 8 “in a secret place”. According to news in the Swedish press, 13 contestants will compete in 16 different categories such as endurance, foreplay and hardest sex position over a period of 6 weeks, with a winner to be determined after 6 weeks.

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