Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about the course of the war and said that they did not aim at regime change in Ukraine.

The course of the Russian-Ukrainian war has changed. After Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson, which is of decisive importance and declared annexed, a new statement on Ukraine came from the Kremlin. The Moscow administration said they were not seeking regime change in Kyiv.

Russian invasion attempt against Ukraine has been going on for 9 months. After the annexation of 4 regions to Russia, the abandonment of the Kherson region had the effect of an earthquake. The Kremlin’s latest statements show that the balances in the war have shifted.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a statement that Russia has no intention of overthrowing the Ukrainian government. Peskov also insisted that Moscow would achieve its military goals, but added that the goal was not aimed at replacing the government.

When asked by journalists about the purpose of the invasion, Peskov replied: “No, the president has already spoken about this.”
Peskov added that their goals in Ukraine will be carried out “by different methods and with different goals.”

In recent days, the Russian military has left the region as a “key to Crimea.” The moment of withdrawal of Russian soldiers from the Dnieper was captured minute by minute. Russia’s withdrawal from the region is interpreted in different ways.

It is alleged that Russia will attack and blow up a large dam near Kherson, flood the city and even mine the dam. If Putin’s supposed plan works the way he wants, the city will be flooded and nuclear leaks will begin, as the nuclear power plant won’t have the water it needs.

In addition, thousands of Ukrainians were alleged to have fled the region due to the flooding and set the stage for a massive wave of migration to Europe, which consisted of them leaving due to harsh winter conditions.

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