On March 5, an incident occurred in the match between Bursaspor and Amdspor in Bursa. After what happened, 7 people were arrested. Bursa Governor’s Office made a statement and stated that among the detainees were 3 private security guards. Two public servants and 3 security directors have been suspended. There were also tensions during the match in Diyarbakir months ago. Let’s examine the details together 👇

The violence started the day before the match. Fireworks were fired at the hotel where Amedspor players and technical staff were staying in Bursa the night before the match.

After this incident, the Diyarbakir Bar Association filed a criminal complaint. In addition, a fight broke out between the players of both teams before the match. Some spectators who came to support the teams in the stands threw water bottles and explosives onto the field. One of these foreign items, which continued to be thrown after the start of the match, hit Amedspor goalkeeper Kantug Temel.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced the opening of an investigation


The banners of the white Taurus car, identified with the unsolved murders of the 1990s, and intelligence officer Mahmud Yıldırım, nicknamed Yeşil, were unfurled at the podium. On this incident, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu “Pictures outside of watching football are unacceptable and cannot be associated with sports… An investigation has been opened against the government officials who showed weakness in bringing these images into the stadium and the relevant government officials have been suspended.” He said.

During the match between the two teams in Diyarbakir on 25 September, tensions arose and foreign objects were thrown onto the pitch. In addition, three people who raised the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq were arrested.

Covered foreign and dangerous materials thrown on the field during the match.

Bursaspor fans threw strange and dangerous materials on the field before the match. To avoid them, Amedspor players had to go back to the locker room. Even after the match started, things like bullets and a pocketknife stuck on the field continued to be thrown! When these items collided with Amedspor goalkeeper Cantuğ Temel, the match was stopped for a while.

In the first half of the match, which lasted seven minutes, Amedspor’s Mohamed Rachid Style could not take a throw-in due to being thrown from the stands. Then the referee stopped the match again, spoke to the referees and decided to continue the match.

Amedspor then shared a photo of those thrown onto the field.

After the events of the match, the Diyarbakir Bar Association filed a criminal complaint, accusing it of inciting or humiliating the public to hatred and enmity, and deliberately endangering public security, insulting and misbehaving.

In an interview with the Amedspor Board of Trustees, Metin Leader said that what happened was a provocation and that the groups came prepared.

“Police cars are also visible in the provocation in front of the hotel, but there is no intervention or calming approach.” “These provocations continued even during the match,” the guide said. “The poster of Yeşil, the dirty man mentioned in the unsolved murders in this area, opens, so the preparation has been made.”

Noting that the team has been dealing with constant pressure since the club’s name was Amedspor, Metin Kaptan added that they could not keep up with the suspension number and that Amedspor had never played a match against only 11 players.

The guide also said that he did not find the statement of Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu truthful: The dismissal of two public servants is also intended to quell a growing backlash. The White Taurus Mountains, symbolizing the car used in the unsolved murders of the 1990s, portraits of the murderer of Getem, Yeşil, and Jim Erciver are hung in the stands. We know how they establish this connection with Amedspor: this is done for the purpose of infusing denial and racism.

We hope this violence will never happen again in the world of sports.

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