One of the most important political figures in history, Queen II of England. Elizabeth died in September 2022. With the end of the queen’s long reign, her son III. Charles wasn’t there. The Queen’s death is “the end of an era” both in England and in the world, III. Charles’ accession to the throne was described as “the beginning of a new era”. England, with its new monarch, was preparing to change many things, from coins in circulation to military uniforms. However, according to a recent statement, the new ruler of the “empire on which the sun never sets” was once III. Charles is also planning to change some ancient traditions! Especially some ancient traditions of the monarch during the “coronation”! Let’s look at the details together…

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen II. Elizabeth died last September and was succeeded by her son III. Charles ascended the throne

However, the British royal family has announced that the coronation of the new monarch will take place later. III. Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on Sunday 6 May. Of course, the coronation ceremonies in the royal family, like the whole life of the family, contain many old traditions.

The coronation ceremony is said to be conducted in a manner that “reflects the monarch’s current role and looks to the future, while drawing on deeply rooted traditions and spectacle.” However, according to a recent statement, III. Charles really wants to change some of the ancient traditions of his coronation…

At coronations in England, the king or queen traditionally wore silk stockings and jockey pants.

According to some reports in the British press, King III. Charles will wear his “military uniform” at the ceremony. The most important reason for this eventual change is that some of the king’s senior aides “find jockey pants very old-fashioned!” So the new king will choose his coronation attire according to fashion, not centuries of ancient tradition!

In addition, III. Charles II in 1953. Unlike Elizabeth’s coronation, it is stated that she will not wear more than one outfit. However III. The changes that Charles plans to make at the coronation ceremony are not limited to clothing…

The coronation in May will be much simpler than past ceremonies in order to “better represent the monarchy in the modern world.”


On the other hand, the ceremony, which is planned to be held in a more “modern” atmosphere, is planned to be attended by a multi-religious community consisting of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. That is III. Charles’s coronation will be a more modern and multicultural event than previous ceremonies.

III. Some ancient traditions will change at the time of Charles’s coronation. But there are also interesting traditions that need to be preserved in this rite.


For example, King III. Charles will invite to his coronation anyone who is related to someone who attended his mother’s coronation. In this way, the 700-year-old tradition of coronation will be preserved…

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