Since the full moon will be in Gemini, which is a mutable sign, we can change how we perceive, how we communicate and how we receive information. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done these days, but we have very little strength left to do it. However, we will begin to relax after January 13, especially when Mars begins its flat movement. So how will the full moon in Gemini affect the zodiac signs?

Gemini is a sign of duality. Here, too, he will want to shed light on us so that we can balance mind and spirit. Can we see the good in every evil? So what do we call “bad”? We may feel the need for our human parts to be honest and patient. We are people. Now we know that everything exists with its opposite. Our spiritual side knows that there is no such thing as “wrong” or “bad” and that there are no regrets. Our spiritual side knows that everything is a path of learning and that the only thing that really exists is love. So what does our mind say? What does the state of balance mean to us?

Remembering once again that the answer to all these questions is hidden only in our hearts, let’s not forget to mention the signs of the zodiac, which will be most affected by this Full Moon. Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo will enter the full moon effect when they are on the cusp of an important realization and a lot will change after December 8th. Now let’s see what’s in store for our rising and sun signs this full moon with these harsh effects in the sky.


Dear Aries and Aries rising, you will have some plans to connect with close friends and brothers and sisters this full moon. If there are forms of communication that you need to heal with your relatives, you may want to consider healing those areas around December 8th.

The full moon enhances the energy of the house it affects and makes things more visible, allowing you to see things through your own lens. Everything will become clear after the Full Moon in Gemini. You now have a perception door through which you can see what is at the tip of your nose.


You will spend the full moon where your material gains, self-esteem and bodily pleasures are on the agenda, dear rising Taurus. You may incur some personal care costs. You may want to pay more attention to the needs of your body. Now you will know what is really necessary and what should be done to keep your income stable. Even though the retro effect of Mars makes you postpone these plans a bit, you can gradually start making some adjustments to your financial situation. It’s time to turn your attention to your self-esteem!


May December be an active month, dear Gemini and Gemini ascendants. You may experience great changes and awareness of your self-image. You will have a full moon when you can change your concepts, all your definitions of yourself and your appearance, and reconsider your way of acting. After the Full Moon in Gemini, you will want to implement all the decisions you make, one by one. You may distance yourself from some relationships. You can meet people from different cultures and shine among them. You may be interested in these people.


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

If there are situations that worry you and you feel uncomfortable internally and psychologically, you will be able to resolve them with the support of your intuition after the full moon, dear Cancer and Cancer rising. Maybe you need a little more alone time. You can rest, you can sit in meditation a lot.

You have entered a period where you live within yourself, measuring and weighing situations. You will want to get rid of your dependencies. These days you may feel like you are in a chaotic energy. You can start with a clean slate after the Full Moon in Gemini. You will want to continue on your path, having been cleansed. May the healing energies be with you in your home, home and heart…

a lion

The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

You may have a full moon of flirting, joy and community energy, dear Leo Rising. You can use every opportunity to have fun. You may want to determine which of your friends and colleagues you can truly trust. You may get some support related to your creative field. Whether you run a business in a team or in a community, you will be rewarded for your productivity. There may be unexpected events related to your dreams or problems that you have been working on!


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

This Full Moon, you will need to develop a gentle approach to your professional fields, the projects you want to pursue, your career goal, dear Virgo Rising.

Your desire to realize a project that has been hanging in your head for a long time will increase with this Full Moon. Now you want to be your own authority. You may want to become more visible in what you do. You will go through a mental and intellectual process regarding your project plan and put all your energy into it, especially after Mars retrograde!


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

With a full moon in Gemini, you can embark on a whole new adventure, dear Libra and Libra rising. If you want to be trained in a new philosophy or teaching, you can take the necessary steps to do so. You might want to go on long trips and meet people from different cultures. You can put some effort into achieving your professional goals that you have planned for the long term. You can develop great beliefs, different perspectives on people, and expand those areas. Trust the wisdom of your soul. Just trust that through this you can free yourself and transcend your physical limits.


As always, transformation is calling you dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising. You are facing an impact that can change your communication style and thought processes. If you have a partner, you can have a serious talk with him about how to improve your sense of security. You may find yourself in certain family situations.

You are interested in the smallest detail in everything. You want to know the root causes of events taking place around you. Strive to read more, learn more, and use these processes for your own transformation. Look inside, not outside, but don’t worry too much about it. Everything you need to see will surely appear before you one day. Get rid of your obsessions.


On the Full Moon in Gemini, you may discover some truths about your dual relationship that you have not seen before, dear Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising. You can receive news from your friends who live far away from you. You may be involved in your long distance relationship.

You are lucky, you are in a good mood. You are entering a period where you are interesting in all sorts of ways with the joy and infinity of Sagittarius. The sun shines in your first house where you say “I”. You may want to stay ahead of the curve and be more experimental in every way. After the Full Moon in Gemini, you can refine your decisions. You may begin to experience an attachment pattern that you have never experienced before.


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

In December, especially on this full moon, you may come across things that are mostly hidden from you, or some truths that you hide or don’t see, dear Capricorn and Capricorn rising. You may feel some tension when you get the effect of your crisis home. You may find that there are people who don’t like you, even if they don’t make it obvious. You can change their daily routine. You can end your workout and continue with another program. If you have pets, you may experience some changes related to them. On the Full Moon in Gemini, you can be in charge. You may be tired due to the intensity of your work life. You can retire or relax at home.


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

It’s your turn to be a social butterfly, dear Aquarius and Aquarius rising. You may want to live the city life to the fullest, you may want to show up with friends, if any, with your lover. After the Full Moon in Gemini, you will enter a process that will greatly influence your creative process. You may find yourself in some situations that go from friendship to relationship and from relationship to friendship. On a Full Moon in Gemini, you can decide how to enjoy life. You can make an arbitrary travel plan. Areas that interfere with your creativity will also be visible to you during this time.


The influence of the full moon in Gemini on the signs of the zodiac

The full moon of Gemini affects the signs of the zodiac in Pisces! You can go over some issues regarding the women of the family, dear Pisces, and the Pisces ascendant. You may experience some experiences related to your mother, your home, and your home. You will need rooting. You may want to take care of your emotional security.

You can also physically stay in your safe place. You may be moving or doing some real estate transactions. You can decide what needs to be removed from your path so that you can achieve your professional goals. Full Moon in Gemini “mental processes!” even if he whispers, you need to hear the voice of your heart more. See you at New Moon in Capricorn with a new agenda!

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