EYT (People of Retirement Age) has long been one of the most important agenda items in Turkey. The millions of people who lost their right to “old-age” pensions due to an amendment to the law in 1999 have long been waiting for a solution to the EYT problem. The government said a regulation that would allow EYT members to retire has not been on the agenda in recent years. So much so that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in 2019 that he was opposed to the EYT deal “at the cost of losing the election.” However, the views of the government have also changed over time. The establishment says they have been working on a solution to the EYT problem for some time now.

Finally came the announcement that EYT members, who numbered in the millions, had been eagerly awaiting. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared some curious details about the EYT arrangement at a press conference he held last night. Thus, the answer was given to the question “Will those who are old enough to retire be able to grow old again?”, which millions of EYT members have been curiously waiting for and which has recently been on the agenda. Erdogan announced with new details that there will be no age limit in the EYT rules. The new provision on the issue of retirement age, which has been on the country’s agenda for a long time, has also made its way onto the agenda of social networks. After Erdogan’s statements, many social media users shared their opinions and thoughts on the new regulation. Let’s look at the details together…

The EYT issue has been high on Turkey’s agenda for a long time.

A change in the law in 1999 prevented many people from retiring. Many citizens who have met two of the three conditions (number of days of payment of insurance premiums and insurance period) required to retire in Turkey are stuck with the age limit, which is the third condition for retirement under the new regulation. In the subsequent period, the number of victims of EYT increased exponentially. EYT has become a problem that directly or indirectly affects millions of people.

Millions of EYT supporters have long been waiting for a decision.

EYT members, organized across Turkey, demanded a decision and waited for the new regulation to come into force. Especially the election periods in the past years have been a beacon of hope for EYT victims, but after the election ended, the EYT rules were shelved. Moreover, the ruling party recently did not hope for a solution to the problem of pensioners …

In a speech delivered in 2019, President Erdogan stated that he was strongly opposed to the new EYT rule.


So much so that Erdogan has said that the EYT solution will destroy the social security system, and that the Scandinavian countries have gone bankrupt because of this system, and that he is against new regulation at the cost of losing elections. In a speech in 2019, Erdogan said:Recorded early retirement, most of the Scandinavian countries went bankrupt in this way. Why early retirement when he retires. Get what he deserves. We do not and will not do this with political calculations. I tell my friends never encourage me down this path. I am almost for the good of my nation, I am not for what is harmful to my nation and country! Even if we lose the election“He used the words…

The ruling circles say they have been working on a solution to the problem for a long time.


In particular, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Vedat Bilgin, made wonderful statements about the issue of the retirement age and said that they want to complete preparations to solve the problem before the new year. On the other hand, many EYT members had some concerns about the new rule, especially the new age limit. There were even those who thought that no steps would be taken to solve the problem…

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the details after the EYT agreed meeting.


Erdogan, “Today, 2,250,000 of our citizens have the right to a pension. Age restrictions do not apply to the use of the pension right.” used his statements. Erdogan’s statements.To retire in our country, three conditions must be met: the number of days the insurance premium is paid, the length of service and age. The regulation we have made applies to those who have fulfilled the first two conditions and are waiting for retirement only by age.continued his words…

After Erdogan’s statements, EYT became the number one agenda item on social media.


The new EYT regulation in a short time became the most discussed topic on social networks. Many people shared their reactions to the arrangement on their social media accounts. Here are some of those reactions on social media…

















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