WhatsApp, which has millions of users worldwide, continues to roll out new features. Next to the expressions in the application, the function of creating WhatsApp stickers has been added. With this feature, you can create funny images and use them in your posts. We have explained in detail what this feature is and how to make it for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the WhatsApp stickers feature.

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What is a WhatsApp sticker pack?

WhatsApp continues to update day by day and delight its users. Sticker making, a new WhatsApp feature, has now become the curiosity of all WhatsApp users. Therefore, we will first explain what a sticker pack is, and then we will tell you how to make these stickers.

Whatsapp sticker pack contains stickers suitable for whatsapp. There are many WhatsApp sticker packs available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Each of these sticker packs contains different stickers. There are also stickers that you can download and use on WhatsApp. To use these stickers:

  • Open an individual or group chat.
  • To add sticker packs emoji > stickers > AddTap .
  • next to the sticker pack you want to download. Download Tap . if you ask DOWNLOAD • {file size} Tap . When the download is complete, you will see a green check mark.
  • Seeing this green tick Back Click on the option that says.
  • After all these processes are completed, you can use the stickers included in the package.

But these WhatsApp stickers may not be enough for you. You may get bored with WhatsApp stickers and want to use or make more different stickers. Now we will tell you how to use stickers that are not in WhatsApp and how to make your own stickers.

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How to make whatsapp stickers?


Thanks to the WhatsApp sticker maker feature, you can create different emojis using your own photos. So you can create a funny or cool sticker by cropping your own photo. To make these stickers, follow these steps:

  • Via Google Play Store or App Store “Sticker Maker for Whatsapp” Download the app.
  • Next “Create a new sticker pack” Tap a tab.
  • In the meantime, a section will appear asking you to enter a name for the sticker set. After entering the desired name “Create” Tap .
  • Select the cover of the sticker you want to create.
  • Finally, after you crop the selected photo as you wish, “Yes, save the sticker” Tap .

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