We all find ourselves hostage to bad thoughts from time to time. This can negatively affect our lives in the long run. The brain and thoughts have a huge impact on physical health. There are several methods you should follow to deal with irritating thoughts and fight negative thoughts. If you ask: “How can I get rid of bad thoughts in my brain?” If you are asking and looking for ways to be peaceful, we have come to you with 7 suggestions! Here are a few things you can do to get rid of the bad thoughts that come to mind…

1. Make time for negative thoughts every day.

We have come to you with a very interesting tactic for getting rid of the bad thoughts that come to mind. Spend 10 minutes every day on negative thoughts. You must make it a habit and do it every day. If you have a negative thought during the day, write it down and say that you will revisit it during the “Special Negative Thinking Period.” Over time, you will take control of yourself and the negative thinking will stop.

2. Change negative thoughts

Getting rid of bad thoughts

To get rid of negative thoughts, we must try to change negative thought patterns, not overcome them. For most of us, these negative thought patterns are outdated neural pathways. We will offer you four simple steps to get rid of intrusive thoughts:

  • Pay attention when you start thinking bad things
  • Accept that this is what you want to change
  • Express what you want to do to others
  • Choose a different behavior that serves your purposes

3. Be your best friend

Getting rid of bad thoughts

We tend to mistreat ourselves. So much so that about 90% of self-talk is negative. Being kinder to yourself is an important step towards not thinking about the same thing all the time. Treat yourself the way you would treat your loved ones.

4. Write instead of thinking

Getting rid of bad thoughts

Write down why negative thoughts exist. Writing against thinking helps you think clearly, and when you see the words on paper or on a screen, they are easy to understand.

5. Make a conscious effort to find things in your life that are worth appreciating.

Instead of fighting negative thoughts, consciously choose positive emotions. One way to do this is to notice what you like, enjoy, and appreciate. To get rid of intrusive thoughts, focus on positive emotions, such as “I like to drink tea”, “the weather is beautiful”, “how cute this cat is.”

6. Ask yourself some tough questions

Reflect on your answers to some difficult questions. These questions may be:

  • What do these negative thoughts add to my life?
  • What do I lose by indulging in negative thoughts?
  • What benefit do I get from positive thoughts?
  • What happened in my past that made me think negatively?
  • What will I do now?

7. Create New Habits

Instead of getting rid of the bad thoughts that come to mind, try forming new habits. For example, develop a morning routine that will delight you every day when you wake up, or eat your favorite chocolate! This habit doesn’t have to be long or complicated!

So, what to do in order not to think about anything? We hear you ask this question. To be honest, it’s impossible not to think about anything. You can’t turn off your brain like that. But you can choose which thoughts to focus on.

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