Ripple, whose growth the cryptocurrency market is looking forward to with great hope, is the subject of interest for many. Despite claims and speculation about it, XRP, which is in the top 10 by market value, is also a curiosity for those who enter the world of crypto money. So, how to buy XRP, where to buy, how to get XRP? Let’s find answers to all these questions!

Where to buy XRP?

Before answering the question of how to buy XRP, let’s see where you can buy XRP! Since XRP is a cryptocurrency, it can of course be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges. So on which exchange can you buy cryptocurrencies? This question is very, very important if you are going to take your first step into the world of crypto money!

As we mentioned above, you first need to choose a cryptocurrency exchange. There are many exchanges in our country, but it is difficult to say that they are all good. There are certain stock exchanges in Turkey. We can say that the best of them are Binance, BtcTurk and Paribu.

However, among these three cryptocurrency exchanges, it can be said that Binance is at the forefront in terms of service quality and features. Already, Binance is the world’s largest exchange by trading volume and has millions of users. Click here to sign up on Binance and get a 20% discount on fees from Binance, exclusive to ListeList readers!

In this direction, the answer to the question of where to buy XRP is to buy on Binance. What is Binance, is it reliable? Our article will provide you with information about Binance.

How to buy Ripple?

Step 1: Register on Binance!

In the first step, as we said above, you need to register on Binance. When registering on Binance, you are required to provide your credentials for enhanced security measures. In our country, it has become mandatory to request information from users in the stock markets.

Step 2: Fund your account to buy XRP!

Yes, your account has been approved, now you need to upload the balance to your account. There are two different options for this. The first one is a credit or debit card, and the second one is a bank transfer.

If you are wondering how to fund Binance, you can read Binance Deposit and Binance Withdrawal articles.

Step 3: Go to the Binance homepage!

You have replenished the balance of your account, now you must install the application on your phone. If you wish, you can access from your laptop or desktop computer. Once on the main page, you must click on the “Markets” section located in the lower left corner of the application.

Step 4: Enter the expression XRP/USDT in the search box.

How to buy XRP

After clicking on the “Markets” section, you need to enter XRP/USDT in the search box at the top and then click. Whatever you say, USDT in its simplest form can be called the cryptocurrency of the US dollar, that is, the American dollar.

How to buy XRP

Next, you need to click on the “BUY” or “Buy” button in Turkish on the screen that will appear after clicking on the XRP/USDT section. This button takes you to the trading page.

Step 5: Go to the trading page

How to buy XRP

After completing all the above steps, you can execute your trading operations. There are a few points at this stage that we think you will find useful to know. We marked them in the image above. In the section marked in red, you select the type of order you want to place while trading. Above, in our image, a limit order has been selected. Well, what does that mean. A limit order allows you to buy or sell at a price you specify. For example, if you want to buy when XRP is worth $0.5, you can complete that transaction with a limit order. The market order is this; Allows you to buy goods, stocks, cryptocurrency at the current price. However, this is somewhat dangerous. At the time of writing, the Fenerbahçe token was open for trading and the stock market (not Binance, other stock market) has crashed. Here, during the stock market crash, the order of the user who placed a market order for 40 TL was realized for 100 TL when the stock market was restored. Because the price has already risen quickly to 100 TL. Therefore, if you are unsure during times of high volatility, many do not recommend using this order. The area inside the dark blue rectangle allows you to select the price you want to buy. The section inside the purple box will also help you decide how many coins you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy 100 XRP, you can fill in this field. The yellow box feature at the bottom allows you to select the total amount you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy XRP for a total of $100, you must write 100 in this box.

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