Our women’s national volleyball team, which has made our country proud in recent years, succeeded in becoming the champion for the first time in its history, by overcoming its strong rival China, which it faced in the final of the FIVB Nations League, with the score 3-1. Grid Sultans, who successfully won the final match held in Arlington, Texas, USA, once again brought great joy to the whole of Turkey. The Net Sultans took first place in the world ranking after this historic tournament. However, as many volleyball fans know firsthand, this success of the women’s national volleyball team is not a temporary victory or a fluke.

Net Sultans have always been at the top of world volleyball for a long time. The victories and achievements of the sultans of the net contribute to the fact that Turkey is one of the most important volleyball countries in Europe. But how did Turkey, far from sustainable achievements when it comes to sports, become an important volleyball country? How did the sultans of the network become “the number one in the world”? Let’s look at the details together.

The Net Sultans, who beat China 3-1 in the final match of the FIVB Nations League, achieved a historic success.

The grid sultans, who showed great success in the organization hosted by the USA, brought great joy to our country by beating the world’s leading teams on the way to the final. But the biggest success came after the match that took place this morning.

The Net Sultans put in an outperformance against their strong rivals China and managed to defeat their opponent with a score of 3-1. This result was also the result that confirmed our women’s national volleyball team became champions of the FIVB Nations League.

The Grid Sultans reached the tournament finishing in sets 22-25, 25-22, 19-25 and 16-25 in a 105-minute contest.

Impressing volleyball fans around the world with their impressive performances throughout the tournament, the net sultans brought our country the world championship for the first time. Some of our national team players have been deemed deserving of important awards in addition to championship medals.

The young star of our national team, Melissa Vargas, was named the MVP of the Nations League Finals.

In addition, three national volleyball players have been on the organization’s “Dream Team”. Zehra Güneş was named “Best Blocker”, Gizem Örge was named “Best Libero” and Melissa Vargas was named “Best Opposite Setter”.

The network sultans lived with great joy after the historic success

in the field; The national volleyball players, who fought an incredible fight to the last point, the technical committee, the dozens of fans who filled the College Park Center auditorium, and the millions in Turkey, lived with great joy after the number of matches that turned into the Nations League tournament …

The Sultans of the Net climbed to the first step in the world rankings with the Nations League tournament, which delighted all of Turkey.

In other words, the Sultans of the Net are officially the “best in the world” women’s volleyball team as of today! The Internet Sultans, who pulled off the United States with a 3-1 win in China, also topped the rankings with a score of 365.64. Well, how did Turkey, far from sustainable success in various sports branches, turn into one of the world’s leading countries in women’s volleyball? How did the sultans of the network become “the number one in the world”?

Infrastructure investments in volleyball have a large share in making the “Sultans” number one in the world.

Türkiye has achieved an important infrastructure breakthrough in men’s and women’s volleyball. These investments have made the women’s volleyball league in particular one of the leading leagues in the world. Our volleyball teams, such as Fenerbahçe, VakıfBank and Eczacıbaşı, have won championships in many organizations in Europe and have succeeded in playing in the finals.

Today, volleyball tournaments in our country have become an organization in which the world’s leading volleyball players are in demand and where competition is at a very high level. All of these have a share in the achievements of the national teams as well.

One of the most tangible examples of infrastructure investments in volleyball is the volleyball factory project implemented by the Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) in 2013.

Sultans of the net

In the volleyball schools opened in 28 different points of Turkey within the scope of the project, children between the ages of 6-12 get the opportunity to receive comprehensive volleyball training. This infrastructure project is being implemented, under the leadership of the federation, in coordination with the volleyball clubs in our country. Mehmet Akif Ustundag, President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, stated that the talented players who were discovered in the Fabrica Volleyball project are presented to the clubs.

Ankara TVF Sports High School is also an important part of the infrastructure investments.

Sultans of the net

Ustundag states that Ankara TVF Sports High School is the only educational institution in Turkey that belongs to sports federations. The school, where many students receive boarding education, allows students to receive a quality education and to be trained as good athletes.

Many observers working in the Turkish Volleyball Federation seek to discover talented volleyball players from all over Turkey.

Sultans of the net

In short, Türkiye has been carrying out very important activities in the field of volleyball for a long time. Federation President Mehmet Akif Ustundag stated that the infrastructure model in our country is also followed by the volleyball federations of European countries.

Infrastructure business is a stable success, stable success increases visibility!

Sultans of the net

Network Sultans achieve significant success in almost every tournament in which they participate. In other words, our women’s national volleyball team has made success a habit. Of course, this has an important contribution to the development process of volleyball in our country. According to Üstündağ’s words, today, most of the girls in our country are very interested in volleyball.

The successes achieved at the level of clubs and national teams allow volleyball to become more and more popular with each passing day. In short, behind the netball sultans being the number one in the world lies an intense effort on and off the field.

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