If you’re throwing clothes in the laundry basket right after putting them on, it might be time to change some of your habits. Washing too often not only shortens the life of your clothes, but also negatively impacts the environment. Research shows that the average family in America does over 300 laundry jobs a year. Unfortunately, there is no official information about Türkiye. With a single start of the washing machine, from 26 to 94 liters of water can be consumed. In fact, older models consume even more water.

However, you should not wash clothes too little, as this can lead to some skin conditions, fungal infections, and odor problems. Microorganisms such as sweat, grease, dead cells, bacteria and fungi on our skin can infect the clothes you wear. These bacteria multiply while dirty clothes are waiting to be washed. It also sticks to your skin when you put your clothes back on. After that, acne and an unpleasant odor may appear.

So what’s the truth?

What clothes should be washed daily?

The closer the clothes are to the skin, the more often they need to be washed. For example, clothes that have been exposed to sweat or possible body contamination should definitely be washed daily. This group includes garments such as underwear, socks, T-shirts and sportswear. At the same time, everything that is visibly dirty, stained or smelly can be thrown into the dirty laundry basket.

Which of them can be worn several times without washing?

your clothes

You can wear clothes that are in contact with the skin, but do not sweat or get dirty a second time without washing them. This group includes trousers, sweaters, blouses, bras and pajamas. If you are at home or working at home and don’t sweat much, you can wear your clothes three or four more times before washing them. Jeans can also be worn at least a few times before washing.

Which of them should be washed infrequently?

It is not necessary to wash clothes very often that are not in close and constant contact with the body. This group includes outerwear such as coats and jackets. The same goes for the stylish pieces you wear from time to time. Suits, evening gowns and evening gowns are usually made from delicate fabrics that require special care. They can usually be worn a few times before cleaning, especially if they are not heavily soiled or stained. However, if you sweat a lot at your wedding, it’s best to dry-clean the outfit before wearing it again.

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