Two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, one after the other, caused unprecedented destruction in our country. Thousands of people died and thousands of people were injured in 10 provinces as a result of earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6. Some areas of our cities affected by the earthquake were almost completely destroyed. This terrible disaster caused great sadness, and the lack of control and neglect caused great anger throughout Turkey. Almost all buildings built by some contractors and technical representatives were destroyed by the earthquake. Moreover, among these buildings were structures built only a few years ago and sold for millions of lire with an earthquake guarantee. Well, let’s look into the details together, how many contractors were caught, negligently leading to the death of our people.

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Two earthquakes in Kahramanmaras caused great destruction and indescribable pain in our country.

The death toll from the earthquake approached 30 thousand, and the number of victims exceeded 80 thousand. On the other hand, thousands of buildings in 10 provinces were completely destroyed. Significantly more buildings received major or minor damage. The destruction of so many buildings after the earthquake was one of the main reasons why we lost thousands of people. For this reason, statements about the neglect and lack of supervision of the destroyed buildings caused a strong public reaction.

In this direction, many people were caught and arrested for negligence in the construction of the building. There are several contractors among the prisoners, the buildings they built are graves for thousands of our people.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said that measures were taken against 134 people after the earthquake.

It is extremely important that prosecutors collect evidence before the debris is removed. In this regard, all measures have been taken.Vice President Fuat Oktay said 131 suspects were involved in the destroyed buildings. The public, on the other hand, is wondering who the contractors are, who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of our people in buildings that they have built in violation of the law or of poor quality. It is unknown how many people caught or prosecuted after the earthquake were contractors. However, there are some contractors that are well known to the public…

Mehmet Yasar Coskun, the Renaissance Residence contractor who became a symbol of destruction in Hatay, was caught on his way to Montenegro.


Coskun, who was caught by the security forces at the Istanbul airport, was detained after his statement to the prosecutor’s office on duty. Coskun, who at the time of his arrest was said to have had a large amount of money on him, said he did not know why the houses were demolished, put up for sale with the phrase “paradise”.

I don’t know why the Renaissance Residence was demolished either. Ground shooting of the Renaissance Residence was carried out and it was in good condition. All licenses were obtained, the necessary samples were taken on the spot by both the municipality and the construction inspectorate, the necessary examinations and controls were carried out. There were no problems at this stage.” Coskun stated that, on the other hand, he had buildings in Montenegro, and that he planned to go there in advance.

Mehmet Ertan Akay, the contractor and technical representative who built the ruined Ayse Mehmet Polat complex in Gaziantep, was caught in Istanbul.


Akay, who was caught on charges of “causing death by negligence” and “opposing the zoning law”, was brought to Gaziantep from Istanbul. Akai, who was transferred to the provincial security office, was arrested by the duty judge.

Yavuz Karakus and Sevilay Karakus, who were identified as contractors for many of the destroyed buildings in Adiyaman, were also detained in Istanbul.


Istanbul Airport Branch Crews caught Yavuz Karakus and his wife Sevilai Karakus, who were found to be contractors for many of the destroyed buildings in Adiyaman, during an identity check at the airport’s international terminal as they were about to leave for Georgia. The spouses, who had 16,000 dollars and 20,000 lira, were taken to the airport branch office and detained. Yavuz Karakush, when he was taken for a medical examination, the journalists asked: “Is your conscience clear?”My conscience is at peace. I built 44 buildings. 4 were destroyed. I did everything rightanswered in the form.

Hassan Alpargün, the builder of Hasan Alpargün’s apartment in Adana, was caught in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where he fled after the earthquake, and taken to Adana.


Hasan Alpargün’s 16-storey apartment in the central district of Adana Çukurova was destroyed by the earthquake and 96 people in the building died during the earthquake. Hassan Alpargün, the contractor who built the building, fled to Nicosia after the earthquake. It was established that Alpargün, who decided to buy an apartment here, was trying to get a large amount of money abroad.

Mustafa Unkuoglu, the contractor who built the Bahar apartment in Gaziantep, is also one of those detained.


A building in the Shekhitkamil district of Gaziantep was destroyed after the earthquake, and it was found that at least 9 of our citizens who were under the rubble had died. As a result of technical inspections carried out on construction debris, it was found that negligence had taken place, and work was started to arrest Unkuoglu.

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