On February 6, the first from Kahramanmaras was 7.7; The second was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake, one of the largest disasters that Turkey has faced in its entire history, had devastating consequences. Three days have passed since the earthquake. Every day it becomes clear how serious the situation is. According to experts, the earthquake in Kahramanmaras is one of the largest earthquakes in the world that occurred “on land”. So, how strong can an earthquake be on our planet? Let’s look at the details together.

The magnitude 9.5 earthquake that hit Chile on May 22, 1960 is known as the strongest earthquake ever recorded.

During this earthquake in Chile, the aftershocks lasted 10 minutes. In this event, which went down in history as the Great Chilean Earthquake, millions of people were left homeless, and thousands of people died. The tremors were so strong that the man, who luckily survived the quake, thought he had been attacked by an atomic bomb. Because at that time there was a cold war.

So, is it possible to experience an earthquake stronger than an earthquake in Chile?


According to experts, an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 9.5 is possible. However, the likelihood of such a situation occurring is low. In order for an earthquake of more than 9.5 magnitude to occur, a huge piece of the earth’s crust must be destroyed. So if a fault that is both very deep and very long moves, then there could be an earthquake above 9.5.

In an interview with Live Science, geologist Wendy Bohon believes that a magnitude of 9.5 is the upper limit our planet can produce.

On the other hand, Bohon argues that there are not many places in the world where a magnitude 10 earthquake can occur. Scientists say it is not known if there is a fault that will trigger a magnitude 10 earthquake. At the same time, they state that if such a rift were to occur, it would engulf the entire planet.

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