March 23 marks the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world will fast during the month of Ramadan. Tables will be laid, conversations and prayers will be held, millions of people will gather for iftar and suhoor, invitations and dinner tables. However, there are other tables that, according to many, do not fit well with the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan. The other side of the month of Ramadan; lavish iftars, flamboyant invitations and pomp have been the subject of much controversy in recent years.

Some restaurants and hotels across the country surprise with their sumptuous iftar menus and prices. So how do these sumptuous iftars, flamboyant invitations and pomp fit into the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan? The founder of the Siyer Foundation, Muhammed Emin Yildirim, made important statements on this issue, let’s look at the details together.

“Luxury iftars”, which have emerged in recent years and have become increasingly widespread, are one of the most important topics for discussion in Ramadan.

On the other hand, due to the economic crisis that has been going on in our country for some time, the scissors between the iftar tables of citizens and luxurious Lenten tables are gradually expanding. Today, in some hotels and restaurants, the cost of breaking the fast reaches thousands of lire. So how are these sumptuous iftars, thousands of lire tables, glittering tables and panache compatible with the spirit of Ramadan? The founder of the Siyer Foundation, Muhammed Emin Yildirim, made a very important statement on this matter.

Muhammad Emin Yıldırım warns that doing something that is wasted during normal times, including during Ramadan, imposes a different responsibility on people.

In other words, it is necessary to be more careful and attentive, especially in Ramadan, to avoid showing off, luxurious iftars and wastefulness.

According to Mohammed Emin Yildirim, even the expenses for home invitations should be directed to the earthquake zone this Ramadan.

luxury iftars

Recalling that thousands of our people died in the earthquake and that millions of our people fought for their lives in extremely difficult conditions, Yıldırım said:There are destroyed slots. Thousands of our brothers are now in tents and containers. I have an opinion that this year even family iftars should be held here, and not in hotels and fashionable restaurants. Instead of iftar invitations that they will distribute to their relatives and friends at home, people should be empathetic to “Let’s send the invitation we give this year to the earthquake zone.”” uses expressions.

According to Yildirim, luxurious iftars in expensive restaurants do not fit the spirit of Ramadan.

luxury iftars

Stating that everyone should be more sensitive about the earthquake, Yıldırım said attending ostentatious and expensive fasting meals in hotels and restaurants is not in the spirit of Ramadan. Especially these days, when we as a whole country are trying to heal the wounds inflicted by the earthquake. Yildirim said about this.All our brothers and sisters need to pay serious attention to this. Ramadan teaches us about waste because it teaches us a lot. Waste should be turned into charity. Therefore, to act with caution in this sense is a conscious, humanitarian and Islamic responsibility for all of us.” uses expressions.

Muhammad Emin Yıldırım argues that in worship form and spirit must be combined.

luxury iftars

Yıldırım says that when the “form” of worship is given great importance and the soul is killed, soulless worship arises. He argues that fasting is an act of worship aimed at training the soul and will. Yıldırım says that in cases where the part of worship associated with the training of the spirit and will is omitted and worship is done formally, the only thing that gets away with it is “hunger”.

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