The Internet, which entered human life in 1989, has made life much easier for us today. This communication technology, which first began to be used in Turkey in 1993, was used only for business in companies in the early 2000s. Later, this technology became a source of income for entrepreneurs and investors who could see the future needs of the Internet. Web pages, videos and various photographs that will allow companies to better promote and express themselves have been announced to people through the Internet. The Internet, which we had waited for a transaction for several minutes in the first periods of use, was now competing with the speed of light.

The fact that the Internet has taken such a place in our lives has gradually led to the formation of social networking channels.

Today, there are many social media channels with different names, different content and different service offerings. In fact, when we look at them as a whole, the goal of all of them is to reach the consumer at the product/service parity needed to promote, advertise and be human. However, thanks to digitalization, artificial intelligence, software and codes, which in recent years cover a large part of our lives, we have been able to get the information we need in a matter of seconds. The Internet, which has such speed, has actually spread to all areas of our lives thanks to the technological developments that it has brought with it.

Today, all issues such as fewer errors in production, less labor force, cleaner energy, more efficient production with 4.0 technologies are the boon of digitalization for us. Now we can order food from the comfort of our homes, and we can have groceries delivered right to the door with smartphones in our pockets. Digitalization, which is changing the way we live, offers us the convenience of doing many tasks remotely, such as finance, manufacturing, clothing, food, travel, education, and more. The main question is: “How far is digitalization?” The answer to the question … Let’s see, living while we live …

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