Netflix, one of the most popular digital broadcasting platforms of recent times, is also one of the most widespread entertainment tools today. A large number of people follow series and movies on the platform. In fact, some of the successful Netflix series and movies have attracted millions of people around the world with their popularity. Series and movies that are successful all over the world and followed closely by millions of people are among the standout products of the platform. However, Netflix’s agenda is not the popularity of its series and films, but their cancellation!

The 1899 series, which was watched by millions of people from its first airing and in a short time became one of the platform’s most popular products, failed to get approval for a new season from Netflix and was canceled. Netflix’s decision to cancel such a popular series “How does Netflix measure production success?” also raised the issue. Let’s look at the details together…

Not so long ago, the world-famous television series “1899” was canceled. So why was such a successful project cancelled, what is the measure of Netflix’s success?

Following the startling cancellation decision, Netflix users have begun to wonder what criteria are used to cancel or approve a new season. News on a popular culture site based in the United States may answer questions about Netflix’s “criteria for success”…

According to the Collider website; It is not known exactly how Netflix made these decisions.

However, the most obvious data that the platform uses to measure the success of a series or movie is watch time. In other words, the longer users watch a Netflix product, the more successful it is for Netflix. However, Netflix only tracks the watch time of a product for the first 28 days.

The most important thing for Netflix is ​​not to watch the series for a long time, but to go through all the episodes!

Neil Gaiman, creator of Netflix’s production of The Sandman, reminded fans who wanted the series’ new season to air as soon as possible that they should “end the series as soon as possible.” For Collider, this statement is an important clue about Netflix’s success criteria. So the main reason for the 1899 cancellation may be that Netflix was not satisfied with the speed of completion.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said the decision to cancel or approve a production is “70 percent instinctive and 30 percent data-based.”


Forbes, another magazine based in the United States, has published a wonderful piece of news about the degree of completion and decisions to cancel or approve certain series. For example, a series called Heartstopper was 73 percent complete and approved for a new season. The Lincoln Lawyer (In the Darkness of the Sun) managed to win approval for a new season with a 56 percent completion rate. Love, Death & Robots was completed at 67 percent and Arcana at 60 percent, with both shows heading to viewers in their new seasons.

On the other hand, Resident Evil was only viewed 45 out of every hundred and was canceled by Netflix. Similarly, a series called The First Murder was 44 percent complete and joined the caravan of canceled Netflix projects. The play, titled The Irregulars, could not avoid being canceled with a completion rate of 41 percent. Data analytics company Digital announced that the 1899 completion rate is 32 percent.

According to Collider, one of the factors behind the cancellation of 1899 was “Wednesday”.


1899 met the public on 17 November. Wednesday took its place on Netflix exactly 6 days later. Wednesday focused on the Addams Family, which many viewers have known for years. In addition, internationally acclaimed director Tim Burton and the late actress Jenna Ortega were among the main characters in the series.

In contrast, there were no big names in the 1899 cast. In addition, the series contained elements that could alienate audiences, such as “the use of many different languages”. When it all came together, 1899 couldn’t help but be overshadowed by Wednesday. So in a sense, the “spoilage” of 1899 was caused by “Wednesday” and “Netflix”, which released two series at the same time.

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