When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, one of the things many people in the world feared most was the loss of their sense of smell. Loss of smell has been one of the most common and noticeable symptoms of the coronavirus. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about losing our sense of smell these days as vaccines and the virus become less and less deadly. However, some scientific studies show that even before the pandemic, one in eight people had some degree of smell impairment, and 3 percent of people did not have the ability to smell. While some people lose their sense of smell due to various diseases or injuries, some people are born without the ability to smell.

Whatever the cause, odors and olfactory disorders or a complete lack of smell have an important impact on a person’s life. On the other hand, the number of institutions and programs working for people who have lost their sense of smell is extremely limited. In particular, there are almost no studies examining the impact of the inability to smell on sex life. Therefore, the impact of loss of smell on sexual life remains largely a mystery. However, in some therapy groups formed by some people who have lost the ability to smell, there are people who express the impact of the loss of smell on their sex life. Here is the effect of loss of smell on sex life from the mouth of a person deprived of smell for more than 10 years.

A man who lost his sense of smell almost 10 years ago, using the pseudonym Paige to protect his privacy, gave an interesting interview to a website about how the loss of smell affects his sex life.

Pagey says that his sense of smell began to disappear a long time ago, and one day he realized that he could not feel anything. “Realizing that I could never smell my partner made me think it wasn’t fair.While making a statement as follows, Paige states that she was angry and depressed due to this situation.

Expressing that her partner asked her mother and sister “what it smells like,” Paige describes people as “lousy” when it comes to describing smells.

The response Paige received from her mother and sister was:smells good“It is happened…

Page says that the loss of smell makes the sexual experience “sterilized.”

loss of smell

Paige, who says she can’t smell body odor, believes this situation results in the loss of some of her instinctive abilities. On the other hand, this situationsee life through glassHe speaks like. She says that she continues to explore the world, but feels that there is a barrier between them. He explains the impact of health problems on his sex life as follows:black and white sex

Page says some people see their problem as an advantage.

Especially during sex. But losing your sense of smell makes sex less enjoyable overall, according to Paige. Because the absence of this important feeling reduces the instinctive intensity of sexual experience.

Paige replies in the negative when asked if the smell bothers her during sex.

loss of smell

Page, “Maybe it’s because my partner is too kind, – He speaks. However, he claims that many people who have lost the ability to smell try to regain that ability, but give up the effort because of the frustration of their own negative experiences.

Loss of smell negatively affects sexual life in general.

loss of smell

There is not enough scientific research on this topic. Therefore, it is not correct to think that everyone who encounters this problem has had a similar sexual experience. However, Paige believes that if she could smell, she would have a more positive mood during intercourse, so she would have a healthier sex life. On the other hand, Paige states that she probably has less sex because of this problem.

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