After the announcement of the airdrop program, which many investors in the world of cryptocurrencies have been waiting for months to announce, many exchanges have announced that they will list Arbitrum. So, how to take Arbitrum? On which exchanges is Arbitrum available? We answer your questions in 3 steps.

Where to buy Arbitrum?

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy Arbitrum. However, we can say that the service quality of most of these exchanges is not as good as that of Binance. According to us and many crypto investors, Binance is the best crypto exchange in the world!

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How to take Arbitrum?

After registering on Binance and verifying your account, you are ready to receive Arbitrum!

Step 1: Register on Binance!

After registering with Binance and verifying your account using the Binance registration link we provided you, you need to deposit money into your account in order to receive Arbitrum. You can read the Binance Deposit materials we wrote on this topic!

Step 2. Sign in to the mobile app

How to take Arbitrum

By downloading the Binance mobile app on your phone, you can trade cryptocurrencies the way you want. If you have completed the deposit process after logging into the mobile app, you should click the “Markets” button on the screen and enter “ARB/USDT” in the search bar.

Step 3: Enter the amount and ARB amount you want to receive

How to take Arbitrum

After depositing money into your account and selecting the trading pair you want to trade, you can trade by entering the amount and the Arbitrum amount you want to buy!

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