Not a day goes by without a new social media trend. Trends, especially on TikTok, spread very quickly and get into the eyes of millions. Currently, the trend of cleaning very dirty houses is gaining the attention of TikTok users. Such programs are broadcast on television from time to time, but TikTok’s fast structure and ease of watching videos highlight such trends especially.

The expression “cleanfluencer”, which means influence cleaner, is used for people who clean trash houses on social media. One such “cleanfluencer” is Finn Auri Kananen. Let’s look at the details together👇

Using the name “Aurikatariina” on social media, Auri travels the world in search of the dirtiest houses.

Auri loves to clean the house very much, and you can even say that she really likes dirt. The social media phenomenon currently has 9 million followers on TikTok and 2 million on Youtube.

Auri cleans the dirtiest houses you’ve ever seen with her pink plastic gloves.


While cleaning these houses, Auri Kananen talks about how the situation came to be. Based on her own experience, she says that the situation is never hopeless: “This is how people often experience mental health problems or face another tragedy,” he elaborates.

The number of people sharing cleaning videos on social media continues to grow.


Cleanup programs were previously televised. This popular video theme is rocking social media right now. Especially on TikTok, the most popular social media platform, the number of cleaning videos is growing day by day. Abby, who currently has 2 million followers, is one of the contributors to this trend. The woman, a mother of two children ages 5 and 6, said: “I was watching the video and thought I was watching homework. Then I started recording myself doing housework,” she says.

The phenomena tell how this work has become a profession.

He even says that big name cleaning brands are sponsoring him to reach out and use their products. Abby adds that she made between $720 and $1,200 per post.

Does it have something to do with sexism?

Two scientists from the Sociological Review published a paper on the subject last March. Scholars note that cleaners tend to be young and married women, and this can lead to women being used as domestic workers.

According to experts, these videos continue to portray cleaning as a woman’s job.

Article co-author Dr. Emma Casey said: “We rarely see men doing their part. “Sometimes it seems to us that there is a man in the background, but then their participation turns into a joke.” To summarize, cleaning videos have been very popular on social media lately. However, according to these current experts, Emma affirms gender roles.

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