Kelpie is the name given to a shape-shifting water spirit that lives in the Scottish lakes. It looks like a large, majestic horse, but can also take on human form. According to the legends, this creature still protects its hooves, even if it acquires a human spirit. Robert Burns, known as the national poet of Scotland and who wrote many poems in the Scottish language, in a poem written by him in 1786, claims that the Kelpie race is associated with the devil. On the other hand, there is a story about the kelpie associated with almost every large body of water in Scotland, and it has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. We’ve pieced together the unknown about the horse-headed nymph Kelpie, who draws attention in Scottish mythology. What is Kelpie? Where does it live? What does it mean in mythology? Let’s look at the details together.

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Kelpie is the name given to the shapeshifting water spirit in Scottish legend.

It is believed that the name of the water spirit, depicted as a horse, could be derived from the Scottish Gaelic words “cailpeach” or “cap”, meaning a heifer or foal.

Found in rivers and streams

The mythological creatures that appear in the lakes and streams of Scotland are commonly thought to be evil spirits.

Kelpie has sticky and magical skin on her back. Thus, it does not allow the rider to get off the horse.


A person traveling with a kelpie is now associated with a water spirit. In this way, kelpies manage to catch even people, especially children. On the other hand, their seaweed-covered hides drag riders into the river. So the kelpies will be able to eat their victims.

This legendary creature, the water horse, can also appear in human form.

Algae can transform into any human form they wish. They can take on the form of a charming female to lure young males into their prey. Or they may take the form of a person hiding on the river bank. The kelpie waits in ambush to pounce on its passengers and crush them to death with a powerful grip.

He can create a flood to drag the traveler into the water, and can also use his magical powers to do this.


It is said that the sound of a kelpie’s tail in the water is like thunder. According to the myths told, the water spirit is mentioned as follows: “If you pass by a river and hear a supernatural howl or howl, beware! With the approach of a strong storm, this howl may be a warning to Kelpi.

The weakest point of the Kelpie is his reins.


Anyone who can hold the Kelpie’s reins will dominate him and all other members. A captive Kelpie is said to have the strength of at least 10 horses and much more stamina, and this strength is priceless.

In Scottish mythology, you can find different legends.


Almost every pond in Scottish mythology has a legend. If you happen to be in Scotland, be careful when navigating a beautiful river or stream; because the evil Kelpie can also watch you from the water …

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