A terrible event occurred on the Greek island of Kos (Kos). The body of an employee of the hotel, Anastasia Rubinskaya, who disappeared on Monday, was found in a swamp.

During her last phone call with her Polish boyfriend, she said, “I’m drunk. Volunteer residents of the island, along with the police, mobilized Anastasia, who said: “Come and take me”, and nothing more was heard from her. On Sunday, a volunteer resident of Kos found Anastasia’s half-naked, lifeless body in a swamp, half wrapped in a sack, half covered with bushes. It is assumed that the young woman was strangled due to scars on her neck.

Greek police detained a 32-year-old citizen of Bangladesh. The suspect claimed he did not kill the young woman. Police found fingerprints and strands of Anastasia’s hair at the suspect’s home. The fact that the body was found 1 km from the suspect’s home increased suspicions.

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