We start the new week with the fiery effect of the New Moon in Sagittarius. One of the most important events of this week is that on December 4, Neptune will stop its movement in the opposite direction. This influence will begin to radiate a supportive energy for the realization of our dreams. It is very important not only to dream, but also to act to achieve our goals. Are we ready to enter into a process in which we will receive positive effects in terms of making dreams come true in the affairs of the house where Pisces is located in our birth charts? Now let’s look at the main influences we will be receiving during the week depending on your Sun and/or your rising sign. Here are the weekly horoscopes…


We start our weekly horoscope review list with dear Aries. At the beginning of the week, there are intense effects in the field of career and business. You must maintain a good balance of income and expenses. Old connections, old themes can warm up and come back to you. Be prepared to take several self-validation exams in the subject.

You have entered a week when your ideas, sharing and communication with your surroundings are important, dear Aries and Aries rising. Try to be careful and keep your balance. When communicating with your environment, you may want to get everything in return. Don’t let your urges take over and force you to make sudden movements. Your close circle may annoy you a little, so try not to get too angry. It is useful to use your energy in a balanced way against the negative effects of the weekend.


You are in a week when your career and meetings with your superiors are important, dear Taurus and Taurus rising. Your financial worries may increase. Under the influence of the new moon, the decisions you make in money matters can also become important this week.

If there is an injustice that you have suffered in recent days, this topic may come before you this week and the flow may create opportunities in your favor. Karma is working very hard for you this week. You can take important financial steps towards the middle of the week.

At this time, the influence of retrograde Mars is most felt. Especially on weekends, you can get together with your loving friends who support you, but be careful about your spending. The weekend smells sweet of bilateral relations!


This week may be the week that has been given to you. Unexpected opportunities may come your way. You may want to act boldly and quickly. Despite Mars retrograde in your sign, you are entering a week where you can shine and use your creativity, dear Gemini and Gemini rising. You’ve entered an inspiring week to apply that creativity to your career goals.

The energy of luck is quite strong in the middle of the week. These days it may seem like life has come crashing down on you with all of its responsibilities, but with the New Moon in Sagittarius, you are in a period where some changes are taking place in relationships. You know, these midterms have always come from bilateral relations. You can also enjoy your weekend making decisions about your education, career, and appearance.


The beginning of the week can be a little heavy emotionally, but after the middle of the week you will feel relieved. You can spend more time with your loved ones. Just look for relaxation. However, be careful not to miss the opportunities that come at your feet with this comfort. Try to be more careful in financial matters in the middle of the week. Also take care of your health, dear Cancers and ascendant Cancers.

Although money-related issues may bother you at the beginning of the week, starting in the middle of the week you may feel lighter, more fluid and spiritually connected. You also know for yourself that changes are needed to take care of yourself and take better care of yourself. This may be the right time to take this bold step. You may want to blend in with the weekend crowd. This week will ask you to stay physically, emotionally and psychologically balanced.

a lion

You are in the week when your personal life, creative challenges and educational developments will come to the fore, dear Leo and Leo Rising. If you are single you can view your profile on the apps you use, if you are in a relationship you can communicate with your partner directly and wholeheartedly, or if you have children you can take care to stay calm when interacting with them.

It’s good that you don’t get into arguments. Some talk can be made about family areas, especially from the mother’s side. Aha! You’ve been so tired of following other people’s desires for so long that you couldn’t hear your own authentic voice, but towards the end of the week it’s your turn to put on things that make you shine! You will feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. In fact, your heart knows everything before your mind and tells you: “I told you so.” Listen to him. Your weekend will be busy!


weekly horoscope reviews

Mars retrograde at the beginning of the week can confuse you a little! Your hair can become electrified with anger, things can get messy. Especially in business life, it is useful to try to remain calm. Don’t forget to breathe in such situations, if necessary, go to the balcony or garden and shout as much as possible, relax. Under the influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius, issues of home, family and home can come to the fore. Also, with Neptune retrograde in your seventh house, you have been going through a period where you have clashed with your illusions in a two-way relationship, dear Virgo ascendants.

Be prepared to face the tangible facts after December 4th. Be careful, plan and schedule work items from the middle of the week. Try not to overexert yourself. You can spend some money on yourself towards the end of the week. Look only to be pleased with such innovations. You can make nice plans with your loved one.


weekly horoscope reviews

This week you may notice that things are moving very fast, especially in your relationships with your friends. Be careful to be less critical in your approach to your surroundings. The market is a bit confusing. In the middle of the week, you can get a little introverted and need to get away from the crowd to take care of yourself. You may find it helpful to spend time alone doing what you love to do.

You can devote time to your personal care. You can even create an opportunity to invest in something you have long wanted. While this is not a week for making money, it is definitely a good week for financial planning for the future, dear Libra and ascending Libra. Expect the unexpected. You can spend a simple and productive weekend with a small number of people in a place that is not very crowded. Have fun!


weekly horoscope reviews

We continue our weekly horoscope commentary list with Scorpio. You will enter a week when you will have to deal with family matters, your home or your duties to yourself, which will be on the agenda, dear Scorpio and Scorpio rising. At the beginning of the week you have a lot of call traffic. With the New Moon in Sagittarius in your second house, you have entered a period where you can change your sources of income, how you earn money, and your connection to your body.

You can try creating a new budget or investment strategy to make sure your income is stable. You are in a week when you should not blow your mind. You will continue to work over the weekend. Since it will be a weekend when business or health related issues are on the agenda, it is good to be careful not to waste money. It is also time to think deeply about what you need internally to master the external life experience. “What does my body need to change?” or “Where does this money go?” Let questions be your companions this week.


weekly horoscope reviews

In our weekly horoscope reviews it is Sagittarius. Happy birthday, dear Solar Sagittarius! This week will be a powerful week to say exactly how you feel! This is a great time to show all your cards and have a candid conversation with someone special. This week is all about strengthening the areas where you shine and thus boosting your motivation.

You are going through a really effective period to believe and trust yourself, it is useful to take care of this intense impact and take your power to open yourself. In the middle of the week, you may have things to do with your siblings and your inner circle. Take care to define your boundaries in the balance of giving and receiving.

Make room for yourself, dear Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising, to feel every emotion about yourself or those around you. Be careful not to have conversations with others and not to glow with the fire of Sagittarius within yourself. Follow the conversations! You’d better choose diplomatic communication in your partnerships and at work. “Nobody understands me!” How would you like to take a breather instead of rebelling?


weekly horoscope reviews

You have entered the week when you need to take financial responsibility and not waste money, dear Capricorns and Capricorn rising. You can combine your individual work per week. Unexpected career opportunities may come your way. Closer to the middle of the week, financial issues will come to the fore.

In your business environment, there may be a discussion of a small issue, there may be people talking behind your back, but be careful! You never let yourself down, you always came out victorious even because of the pain, but you better keep quiet than succumb to intrigues. This week will show you how strong you really are and how you can lead your life to greater experiences. On weekends, you may find it beneficial to spend time with your family at home.


weekly horoscope reviews

Pay special attention to your relationships with friends this week, dear Aquarius and Aquarius rising. You may be tense and rebellious in your social circle. Toward the middle of the week, try to express yourself as best you can outwardly. Be careful not to shut up and pretend, “I’m offended, I’m not playing.”

Financially unexpected transformations may occur. If you have an overseas business or a case you are currently in, you can expect good things to happen about it. There are special interactions at the point of getting what you deserve. Your communication may speed up by the end of the week. You may come across some conversations that seem illogical to you, but that can hurt you deep inside. You can be influenced by the energies of others. It will be good for you to spend the weekend with your very close friends and people you trust.


weekly horoscope reviews

At present, being involved in the flow of life can be a problem for you. You might consider taking time for yourself towards the middle of the week. You may see reactions around you due to your beliefs and thoughts, but it looks like whatever you wish for this week, dear Pisces and Pisces rising. You are in a week where you can feel the power of your connection to the universe.

Even if you feel incomplete, invisible, or stuck with your family, you now know exactly what you want to achieve and what changes you need to make to reach the top. You may receive financial or moral support from unexpected places and people. The sky is working for you this week. At the weekend, unpleasant situations can arise in your bilateral relationship.

Put your hand on your heart again and continue to trust your feelings. We have come to the end of our weekly horoscope review list. See you again next week!

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