While the celebratory program of politicians was announced, it became known that the feast between parties will take place on the second day of the holiday.

The celebration of the Eid of political parties has been announced. On the second day of the holiday, the selection committee of the AKP will be headed by Deputy Chairman Belgin Uygur, and the arriving delegations will be headed by Ankara MPs Murat Alparslan and Kurtkan Celebi.

The program will begin with a visit and acceptance at the CHP plant at 09:30. The AKP will not celebrate with the HDP. A feast as part of the party will take place at the headquarters at 14:00.

The MHP Admissions Committee will be headed by Deputy Chairman Mevlut Karakaya, while the visiting delegation will be headed by Deputy Chairman Sadir Durmaz. MHP delegations will be celebrating with AK Party, CHP, DSP, Great Unity Party and Welfare Again Party.

Aylin Nazlaka, chairman of the women’s section, will be the head of the CHP admissions committee. CHP assigned the visit to two different delegations.

Visiting delegations will celebrate under the chairmanship of Deputy Muğla Gizem Ozcan and Vice Chairman Zeynel Emre.

The Yiyi Party, which will celebrate with 11 political parties, will visit the Happiness Party for the first time.

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