While volleyball is not the most lucrative team game in the sports industry, it is a huge market where players can make millions of dollars. In particular, the names of the stars who performed successfully get a lot for the sweat they poured on the parquet. When advertising and sponsorship activities are included in the business, numbers that satisfy players are revealed. So, who are the highest paid female volleyball players? Here are some of the players who earn the most from volleyball from past to present…

1. Gabriel Reese

Born Gabriel Reis on January 6, 1970 in California, she is one of the richest volleyball players in the world. Reese, who accepted a volleyball scholarship from Florida State University and studied communication there, also captained the school’s volleyball team. The player, who later turned to beach volleyball, made his real fortune with the book “My Feet Are Too Big for Glass Slippers,” which he published. Gabrielle Reese, who is also a sportscaster and model, is estimated to have an annual income of $1.8 million.

2. Misty May-Treanor

Misty May-Treanor (right)

Misty May-Treanor, who started her career with indoor volleyball but quickly switched to beach volleyball, won three consecutive gold medals at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games with teammate Keri Walsh Jennings. In addition, the duo, who finished first at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2003, 2005, and 2007, broke several records, including a 112-game winning streak. Misty, who stopped acting after the 2012 Olympics, now coaches the indoor and beach volleyball teams. He also owns a beach volleyball club called Dream in Gold. His estimated net worth is $6 million.

3. Keri Walsh Jennings

Keri Walsh Jennings, who has been involved with Misty May-Treanor for years, has a net worth of around $6 million. Jennings, who won gold medals 3 times at the Olympics and 3 times at the FIVB World Championships, hit 112 consecutive matches with his teammate between 2007 and 2008, a record that is difficult to break. Incorporating her life with beach volleyball player Casey Jennings, Kerry has also appeared in several movies and TV shows that have contributed to her net worth.

4. Yekaterina Gamova

Ekaterina Jamova, who is among the richest female volleyball players, has played indoor volleyball for years at the opposite center and plumbing positions. Gamova, also one of the tallest athletes (2.06m) in the world, ended her active sports career when she was injured in 2016. She served the Russian national team for many years and contributed to the team’s silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics. Jamova, who won gold with the Russian national team at the FIVB World Championships in 2010, received an annual salary of $1.4 million when she retired in 2016.

5. Sheila Castro

Brazilian Sheila Castro is among the highest paid volleyball players. Castro, who made a great contribution to the Brazil women’s national volleyball team to win two gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, was awarded the “Most Valuable Player” award in the 2006 and 2009 FIVB tournaments. He was the famous player, who played for Vakıfbank between 2014 and 2016, he is 39 years old when he ended his active volleyball career last year. It is known that Sheila earned an annual salary of $1.5 million before ending her career.

6. Jordan Larson

American rider Jordan Larson has played for the most prestigious clubs in the world throughout his career, including Eczacıbaşı. Today, the player who plays for both the US Women’s National Volleyball Team and Serie A team Ferro Volley Milano, is estimated to earn more than $1.5 million annually.

7. Tatiana Kosheleva

Tatiana Kosheleva, one of the rare races who can hit the block, plays on both the Russian National Team and Megavoli. Earning more than a million dollars annually, the player also played for Eczacıbaşı and Galatasaray in the past years. Chosen as “Most Valuable Player” and “Best Racket” dozens of times in the championships and tournaments she has played, Kochlev won gold medals with her national team at the 2010 World Championships and at the European Championships in 2013 and 2015.

8. Logan Tom

The daughter of former American soccer player Melvin Tom, Logan Tom started her career as an indoor volleyball player. She was 19 years old when she became the youngest female volleyball player to be selected to the USA National Olympic Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. He played on the national team at the 2004 Athens Games, 2008 Beijing, and 2012 London Olympics, and switched to beach volleyball in The end of his active volleyball career. Logan Tom, who is estimated to have an annual salary of $1 million before he retires, began working as the head coach of the Israeli women’s volleyball team last year.

9. Kim Yan Kong

Another name among the highest paid volleyball players is Kim Yean-Koung, who we know very well in the country. South Korean professional volleyball player Kim Yan-kung has spent most of his career in Turkey. The star name, who played for Fenerbahçe between 2011 and 2017, is now playing for his country’s Pink Spiders team. After announcing the end of his career with the national team last year, Kim receives more than $1 million annually from his club, excluding sponsorship deals.

10. Morgan Beck

American Morgan Beck, whose annual salary is more than 800 thousand dollars, is known as one of the most successful beach volleyball players. The player, who gave signs that he would be a successful athlete while playing in high school tournaments, also participated in the national team of his country. Besides her professional volleyball career, she also earns a lot of money by modeling and advertising face for world-famous sports brands.

Bonus: Ebrar Karakurt

Ibrar Karakurt, who has been playing in the Italian league for two years, will play for the Russian Lokomotiv Kaliningrad next season. Our national athlete, who has an annual agreement of $800,000, also earns significant income from advertising. Ebrar, who played in commercials for a world-famous shampoo brand last year, also collaborates with a major sportswear brand.

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