Ogujan Koç, who divorced actress Demet Özdemir, whom he married with great love in recent months, set sail for a new love.

Backstage magazine talks about this news! The love affair between famous singer Oguzhan Koç and social media phenomenon Ala Tokel has been a bombshell on the magazine’s agenda. Divorced from Demet Özdemir, Koç found the new sultan of her heart. She fell in love with Ala Tokel. Oguzhan Koch quickly removed Demet Ozdemir! The social media phenomenon fell in love with Ala Tokel. The duo was even spotted in the pop singer’s car.

Famous poseur Oguzhan Koch started a relationship with the phenomenon Ala Tokel.

Oguzhan Koch, who broke up with Demet Ozdemir, has found a new sultan of his heart! The social media phenomenon has a new romance with Ala Tokel!

The successful singer who was seen on the streets of Alacati with the phenomenon Ala Tokel opened the door of love again. The sincere state of the couple, shown in the car, did not go unnoticed.

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