The last photo of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein with the head of the Supreme Court before his execution has been released.

The chairman of the court at the time recounted the details of the photo and Saddam’s last words minutes before his execution.

A new photograph of Saddam Hussein, taken in the premises of Iraqi military intelligence before his execution, has surfaced on social media. In the photo, Saddam sits opposite Judge Munir Haddad, the former head of the Iraqi Court of Appeal, holding a Koran.

Judge Munir Haddad, a brash Kurd, told Rudaw about the photo taken on December 30, 2006. “This photograph was taken on December 30, 2006 in the military intelligence building in Baghdad’s Kazimiye district, during the announcement of the decision of the Court of Appeal against Saddam Hussein,” Haddad said.

In the photo, Saddam Hussein is dressed in a black cloak, a black hat is on his head, he is holding a Koran in his hand, which is wearing a white plastic handcuff. Munkiz al-Faraoun, then chief prosecutor, sits in a chair in the salon. Judge Haddad, on the other hand, hands the decision on the appeal to Saddam, who is seated across from him.

Haddad said that after Saddam heard about this decision, he became very angry and targeted the United States, calling it an occupier and blaming Israel, Iran and Kuwait in the same way.

The Kurdish judge said: “Saddam also verbally attacked us and accused us of cooperation. He spoke as if he were not a servant of many foreign powers and states.

Munir Haddad stated that as they were leading Saddam to his death, they took the Koran in his hand and gave it to his lawyer, Awad Ahmed Bander.

Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937 in the village of Uje, Tikrit district, Salahaddin province, and remained in power for 35 years. During his reign, he carried out the greatest persecution and massacre of the Kurds in history. Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006.

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