Yesterday at around 05:30 am, a chilling murder was committed in Istanbul Bahçelievler. A man named Ryza Beler, who lived on the third floor of a four-story building in the Kokasinan central district, brutally murdered Umida Tulyaganova, an Uzbek woman with whom he lived for a long time. After killing Tulyaganova with a stone, Beler placed the woman’s body in a refrigerator. The brutal killer was taken into custody by police squads who arrived at the scene after being informed by neighbors. Let’s look at the details together.

Istanbul Bahçelievler witnessed an incredible murder yesterday morning.

Ryza Beler lived for a long time in a house in the Central District of Kokasinan with a woman from Uzbekistan named Umida Tulyaganova. They started arguing yesterday after Ryza Beler said he had taken out a loan of 17,000 liras to Tulyaganova.

Reza Beler brutally murdered Umida Tulyaganova. Beler, who killed Tulyaganova with a stone, which he had previously hidden in the house, dismembered the woman’s lifeless body after the murder.

Beler then put these pieces in a trash bag and placed them in the refrigerator.

Neighbors reported the sounds of the couple arguing to police. So the details of the chilling murder became known.

Arriving at the house, police squads found body parts of the murdered woman in the refrigerator. The perpetrator of the murder, Riza Beler, was detained and taken to the police station.

Beler and Tulyaganova had long-standing disagreements, according to an investigation launched into the incident.


Therefore, Beler planned to kill Tulyaganova earlier. It became known that Beler hid a stone in the house in order to carry out the assassination plan.

Riza Beler confessed to the crime during interrogation at the police station


Beler also said that he dismembered the woman’s body to avoid being caught, and that he planned to discard those parts at regular intervals.

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