It is said that Charles, who became king after the death of Queen Elizabeth, will remove Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Frogmore Cottage where they live and replace them with his brother, Prince Andrew. Someone close to the royal family confirmed these rumors, saying that the eviction process began in January. Just a day after Prince Harry’s record-breaking book “Spare” hit the shelves! Harry’s book contained many sensational claims about the royal family. Andrew was stripped of his royal titles after a sexual scandal erupted. After all this, King Charles made a new decision. Let’s look at the details together.

The British Royal Family is in Confusion Again! What does Prince Harry’s book full of sensational claims say?

A source close to the royal family, in an interview with The Sun newspaper: “This eviction definitely marks the end of Harry and Meghan’s stay in England” said

Allegedly, Harry and Meghan weren’t offered a new place to live among the royal family’s many properties. Pair – Queen II. He is staying at the Windsor mansion that Elizabeth gave him at their 2018 wedding. It is now known that they are planning to ship their belongings from the mansion to the United States.

Rumor has it that the King is planning to exile Andrew, Duke of York from his sprawling 30-bedroom mansion with a swimming pool. In a sense, Charles gave this “punishment” not only to his son, but also to his brother!


Andrew must move into this tiny house after Harry and Meghan’s belongings are taken away. The five-bedroom home where King Charles plans to send Andrew will be a major fallout from the Royal Lodge mansion where the prince currently resides. American businessmen Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew, allegedly involved in crimes for the purpose of sexual exploitation, were stripped of their royal titles.

Source in an interview with The Sun “Andrew is resisting the idea of ​​moving to Frogmore Cottage, which he was offered last week” said


This eviction decision may be the only communication between the king and his youngest son Harry in a long time. Sources claim that Prince Harry has not spoken to his father since the publication of his book.

It is not yet clear if Harry and Meghan will be invited to King Charles’ coronation on May 6.


However, sources close to the royal family said that the king removed Harry from the ceremony entirely. Let’s see what happens when the time comes. At the moment, no statements have been received from Harry and Meghan.

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