Beautiful actress Hande Erçel shared photos from the concert they came to with their lover Hakan Sabancı.

Actress Hande Erçel has long been in love with businessman Hakan Sabancı. The beloved couple of the last period was first caught on camera at Istanbul airport on March 6, when they returned from a vacation in Paris. Lovers who show shyness said, “Everything is going very well. We have returned from vacation. Thank you very much”.

Erçel and Sabancı watched a Coldplay concert together. The lovers first shared with each other on their social media accounts.

While Hakan Sabancı was broadcasting moments when Hande Erçel danced, the famous actress shared with her subscribers a frame in which she hugged her lover.


Hakan Sabancı recently introduced Hande Erçel to his family at a wedding they attended. On the night of Kenan Dogulu’s performance, Arzu Sabanci danced with her bride-to-be.

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