Foca, named after the seals, has managed to preserve its nature and history compared to other Aegean resorts, and still has not remained completely untouched … The area is a place that those who want to find peace are looking for, unlike the crowded tourist centers . , and those who run from the crowds of big cities! It is a small and pretty fishing town that is slightly smaller than other resorts, not fully developed in terms of tourism, and is preferred by Norwegian and Swedish tourists.

When the city of Foca was founded as an Ionian city in antiquity, it was named Phocaea because of the seals living in the seas surrounding it, and this name has survived to this day as Foca. Seals are still one of the symbols of the city. The city was one of the most important settlements of the Ionians. Founded on the ruins of an Ionian city, Foca still holds many important historical ruins underground.

The famous historian Homer also mentioned Foca in his works. One of the symbols of Foca, which is the subject of mythological legends, is the rooster, in addition to the seal. Today Foca looks like a city of islands. There are many large and small islands around the city. You can visit these islands by taking a boat trip. In this article, we have prepared a guide to help you travel more comfortably around Foca.

Where is Foca located?

Situated on the magnificent shores of the Aegean Sea, Foca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Izmir! This region, adjacent to Menemen and Aliaga districts, is famous for its natural beauties that attract tourists. Foca, which has received the status of a district since 1977, is located in the region known as the Turkish Riviera. The area is located 70 kilometers from the center of the city of Izmir. You can get to Foca by plane, bus and sea. Minibuses leave from different parts of the city to Foca, so once you arrive in Izmir everything else is easy.

What to eat in Foca?

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The culinary culture of Foca is mainly based on seafood. Also, while you’re in town, don’t leave without trying the gummy flavors!

Grilled sea bass: Fresh sea bass is served on the grill in the famous fish restaurants of Foca. You can enjoy your dinner in beautiful seaside restaurants where you can taste fresh fish.

Stuffed mussels: Very popular in the Aegean region, stuffed mussels are an appetizer often found in Foca. Mussels are stuffed with rice and spices and usually eaten with lemon juice.

Octopus Salad: Focha is a place where there are many octopuses, so octopus salad is also a special delicacy. Boiled octopus slices are served mixed with lemon, olive oil, parsley and other spices.

Artichokes with Olive Oil: Artichoke is one of the irreplaceable flavors of Aegean cuisine. In Focia, olive oil artichokes are cooked with olive oil, lemon juice and other vegetables and served cold.

Shrimp Ragout: This is a dish in which shrimp are cooked in a casserole with tomato sauce and spices. This is a good option for those who love seafood in Foca.

Chewy desserts: Focha is also known for its proximity to Chios, so the famous Chian desserts can be found here. You can try flavors such as gummy ice cream and gummy cookies.

Foça also offers a variety of traditional Turkish cuisine and other national and international cuisines. When you visit, you can discover different tastes at local restaurants or fishermen.

Where to go in Foca?

When you come to beautiful Foca, you can’t go back without seeing some places! Here is a list of places to visit in Foca that you should definitely visit.

Old streets of Foca

The nostalgic streets of Foca are right in the center of the city. These streets, reminiscent of the centers of old European cities, complement the unique beauty of Foca. You can reach the Little Sea by following Reha Midilli Street and have a pleasant tour through the beautiful streets of Old Foch. Exploring the stone houses adorned with colorful doors and windows is one of the most enjoyable things to do in this region.

Beshkapilar castle and its walls

Beshkapilar Castle was a building that protected Foca in ancient times. Spread over the area where the Temple of Athena is located, this castle is dazzling when viewed to the left of the Little Sea. You can walk inside the castle, but the view from outside can be more impressive. You may have difficulty getting information about the ancient structures around the castle, but you can learn more with the help of the locals.

Foca Old Port

Foca Old Harbor is an area full of restaurants, bars and cafes along the coast. This port is also known as the Little Sea. Buyuk Deniz is a port located behind the Beshkapilar castle. Sailboats and large boats are moored in the old port of Foca. Here you can walk and enjoy the sea air, as well as eat delicious food in good restaurants.

Kozbeyli village

The village of Kozbeyli near Foca is a small village that is a must to visit. This village is known for its stone houses and has preserved the natural and historical texture of Foca. You can stop in this village for a dibek coffee at a famous coffee house called Şakir’in Yeri. You can sit in the village square and watch the neighborhood, explore the lanes and take an ice cream break.

Island trip with boat trip in Foca

Foca is a region famous for its islands, so it is a great place for a boat trip. While navigating the harbor, you will come across many boat excursion options, and you may suddenly want to take a boat tour. During these boat trips, you can explore islands such as Orak Island, Siren Rocks, and Intsir Island, as well as the bays in between. You can also see the Sirena Rocks where Mediterranean seals live.

Where to swim?

Foca also offers its visitors a wide range of beaches. Here are the popular beaches of the area, which is also famous for its blue flag beaches and clear waters:

New Focha public beach

It attracts attention with a long coastline and a wide beach area. Here you can lie on the beautiful sandy beach and take a dip in the deep blue waters to cool off. You can visit this public beach run by the municipality for free. If you wish to use umbrellas and sun loungers, you may have to pay a fee to businesses or hotels where you can rent these items. The new public beach of Foca is located about 70 km from the city center and 20 km from the city center. Although there are no special provisions for lunch on the beach, you can go to restaurants and cafes nearby. You can reach this beach by private car or by public transport such as minibus and Izban.

Sazlice beach

It is located on Yeni Foca Street – Old Foca, in the famous Sazlıca Bay. It is one of the preferred swimming beaches in the region during the summer months. This beach has amenities such as a restaurant, showers, washbasins and cabanas. Sazlıca Bay is a place preferred by families and groups of young friends. It is also ideal for those who love to fish and dive. It is recommended to bring sea shoes with you, as the sea near the beach is rocky. Since it is not possible to get to Sazlıca beach by public transport, you will have to use a private car or taxi. The entrance to the beach is paid.

Focha Karakum beach

Focha Karakum Beach, one of the blue flag beaches in the area, is famous for its sandy beach and clear sea. It is located about 2 km from the center of Foca and has a total area of ​​500 m. You can go to the Karakum beach for free and rent sunbeds for an affordable fee. The beach cafe offers snacks such as burgers, french fries, hot and cold drinks. Since this cafe belongs to the municipality, the prices are very affordable. You can get to Karakum Beach by minibuses departing from the center of Foca.

What is Foca famous for?

Fock; It is known for its beautiful mastic ice cream, narrow and colorful streets and blue flag beaches.

Can you swim in Foca?

Yes! Foca has many beaches that can be accessed for free or for a fee.

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