The Greek press made a statement about Turkey and described that Greece cannot compete with Turkey.

Every day, new news and analytical materials about Turkey are added to the Greek media. “Why can’t Greece compete with Turkey?” published by the Greek site SLpress. The news headline is one of them. The news highlighted that the Greek economy is lagging behind the Turkish economy.

The interest of the Greek media in Turkey continues.

This time the Turkish economy was compared with the Greek one. On the SLpress website “Why can’t Greece compete with Turkey?” There was an article called

Financial data of the Turkish economy was included.

The article compared “Turkey’s economic size is $905 billion, while Greece’s is $223 billion.”

The article, drawing attention to the great difference between the economies of the two countries, said that “time is in favor of Turkey.”

In the article “Turkey has been successful with impressive economic growth in all sectors such as industry, construction, agricultural production, tourism. He became a great power.” It was also stated that Turkey is the world’s largest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles.

The article pointed out that Turkey was striking in many directions, and noted that Greece remained on the sidelines.

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