Israel takes the stage for protest demonstrations that have attracted a lot of attention for some time now. Thousands of Israelis have protested for days against the new judiciary the government wants to put in place, alleging that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing judicial reform to “protect his interests.” Netanyahu’s dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who opposes changes the government plans to make to the judiciary, has led to protests in Israel taking on a different dimension.

The country’s largest unions said there would be a general strike if the prime minister did not step back. However, many Israelis took to the streets to protest the dismissal of Yoav Gallant. So much so that some experts have suggested that what happened in Israel could drag the country into a civil war. However, according to recent information in the Israeli press, Prime Minister Netanyahu, whose name is behind the controversial judicial reform, has taken a step back. Netanyahu is expected to make a statement about the suspension of judicial regulation in the near future. Let’s look at the details together.

Israel has long been on the agenda with protests involving thousands of people.

The demonstrations, which have been going on for three months, have involved hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Many people argue that the new judicial reform allegedly spearheaded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is designed to push Israel towards dictatorship.

The new judicial reform limits the powers of the Supreme Court. It also gives the government new powers in appointing judges and in many other matters.

For this reason, thousands of Israelis view the new judiciary as an order created by Netanyahu to legally defend themselves. That is why the street demonstrations in Israel have been going on for weeks now. However, a recent event has given the demonstrations a different dimension.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallan, opposed to judicial reform, fired by Netanyahu

In general, the far-right coalition government of Israel is behind the new judicial reform. It is even alleged that some coalition leaders pressured Netanyahu to believe in the need for judicial reform. However, there are those in the government who oppose Netanyahu’s judicial reform.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallan is one such name. Gallant stated that he did not like the new judicial regulation of reserve units in the army, that division within the country affected the Israeli army and that the situation weakened Israel’s security, and stated that he was against judicial reform. After these statements, the defense minister was fired by Netanyahu. This event was the last straw that undermined the patience of the angry mob in Israel.

More than 100,000 demonstrators blocked the main roads in Tel Aviv.

In addition, protests were held near the home of Prime Minister Netanyahu. In particular, it was evident that the demonstrations near the Prime Minister’s house were severely suppressed by the police. While all these events were taking place, Israeli President Isaac Herzog issued a statement that the judicial reform plan should be stopped.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was behind the judicial reform that brought Israel to the brink of civil war, has taken a step back.

According to information in the Israeli press this morning, Netanyahu met with the coalition leader after the events and announced his decision to suspend the new court order.

However, it is noted that some coalition partners are pushing for a ruling on judicial reform and urging the prime minister “not to give in to anarchy.” Despite divisions within the government, Netanyahu is expected to announce a suspension of judicial reform in the coming hours.

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