Shortly before the end of 2022, many began to take stock of the past year. Well, what were we thinking, what were we looking for, what were we talking about as a country last year? Here, the world’s most popular search engine, Google, published this year’s “Search Trends of the Year” list, just like every year. Google, which recently released its global search list, has now shared this year’s “search results” in many countries, including Turkey. Here are our top searches in 2022 according to the Google Trends list…

Dollar/TL is what we were looking for the most in 2022!

The economy, which has deteriorated over the past year, and the ever-changing exchange rate seem to be reflected in Google searches. In other words, the words we most frequently searched for in the general category by country are the following:

1. Dollar/TL

2. How many days does Eid last?

3. IPA

4. Bergen

5. Cat

6. Ukraine

7. Application Currents

8. Galatasaray Barcelona

9. Minimum wage

10. Ahmet Jalik

Galatasaray’s Icardi is the most curious name of 2022, with Ece Erken in second place.

1. Icardi

2. Early

3. Sinasi Yuzbashioglu

4. Mertens

5. Joa Pedro

6. Gulsen

7. Dele Alli

8. Khalis Free

9. Umit Ozdag

10. Maxi Gomez

Production at the top of the 2022 Google Trends TV series category, Kingfisher


1. Kingfisher

2. Hear me

3. Let life go the way it knows

4. Dusty collar

5. Ersan

6. Midnight at Pera Palace

7. Prisoner

8. Better than you

9. Judgment

10. Three pennies

In 2022, many important names left us. Ahmet Çalık, a famous football player who died at a young age, was the most searched name in the What We Lost category.


1. Ahmet Jalik

2. Cuneyt Arkin

3. Fatma Girik

4. Billur Kalkavan

5. Ilkhan Irem

6. Enes Kara

7. Chivan Canova

8. Queen Elizabeth

9. Ayberk Pekkan

10. Onur Shener

The question “how figs form” ranked first in the “How” category of the 2022 Google Trends list.


1. How figs are formed

2. What will the weather be like tomorrow

3. How Bergen died

4. How Enes Kara died

5. How to get a Certificate of Appreciation

6. How to apply for TOKİ

7. How does a solar eclipse happen?

8. How to make an NFT

9. How the monkeypox virus is transmitted

10. How to Get the Metaverse Plot

According to the Google Trends list, we were wondering where the Faroe Islands are most in 2022.


1. Where are the Faroe Islands

2. Where was Andropause filmed?

3. Where is Chernobyl

4. Where did the battle of Sakarya take place?

5. Where is the Alhambra Palace

6. Where is the Canakkale Bridge

7. Where is Ukraine

8. Where is the waterfall Duden

9. Where is Samarkand

10. Where is the palace of Pera

One of the notable categories of the Google Trends list is “How to be?” The most frequently asked question on Google this year was about “private security.”


1. How to become a private security

2. How to become a Ghassal

3. How to Become a Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

4. How to become an ambassador

5. How to become a paper

6. How to become a female soldier

7. How to be a scientist

8. How to become a physical therapist

9. How to become a PE teacher

10. How to become a player

Competitive programs are marked by searches in the “Who” category


1. Eliminated name Survivor Who was eliminated

2. Who got kicked out of Masterchef Masterchef Turkey

3. Mask Who Are You Who is Leo

4. Who invented the first curse

5. Who was eliminated in full fashion?

6. Who went to the Island of Exile

7. Who founded the hospice

8. Who is Mehmet Dinserler?

9. Who is Nida Buyukbayraktar?

10. Who invented the telephone

In 2022 Google Trends “Why am I…?” category searches were a bit sad


1. Why they don’t like me

2. Why am I so ugly

3. Why I was born

4. Why am I expelled

5. Why I’m a loser

6. Why am I crying

7. Why am I like this

8. Why am I alone

9. why am I alive

10. Why I stayed at home

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