The world-famous Google search engine, which makes it easier for mankind to obtain the necessary information; it is also a tool with which we can ask whatever we want or ask a question, thus facilitating our daily life. Google, which is the world’s most used search engine among its competitors, annually publishes a categorical list called “Search Trends of the Year” through its Google Trends/Google Trends subservice. Thanks to the aforementioned categorical list, we can see with a single click what we have been looking for and researching as a society over the past year. We can safely say that 2022 will be quite active both for the whole world and for Turkey. Although search results in Turkey have not yet been published, we know what is being searched all over the world. Let’s take a look at the most searched words in the world in 2022 together.

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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a dynamic website and sister service of Google that aggregates the most popular searches on the web and sorts them into categories. Typically, this site filters Google search engine data by several parameters. It analyzes the most frequently used keywords and phrases in the Google search box and provides data for those keywords and phrases to Google users.

One of the most important features of Google Trends is that it automatically updates all popular search terms. Presenting this information in real time, as well as filtering for different regions and times, is another important feature of Google Trends. Whether you’re in Turkey or Germany, this site lets you know what’s going on in the world at the touch of a button and sorts all that interesting data into categories.

It is also possible to receive up-to-date notifications from Google Trends to your email. When you fill in the subscription field, you can see the top trends in daily searches.

Google Trends provides accurate data on how many times a keyword is searched in a given period of time. However, one of its common drawbacks is that the filters it uses to sterilize search results can sometimes produce inconsistent results.

Google Trends in recent years; At the end of each year, it publishes a list of the most popular words of the year, sorted into categories. It’s only been a few hours since the 2022 version of these lists he produced in years past met with users. Let’s take a look at the most popular words in the world in 2022 together.

General category / most popular words of 2022

Google Trends

Many topics such as war, death, football matches, new phone models are constantly researched in Google throughout the year. However, there was one word that had absolutely nothing to do with them and was at the top of the list. The word at the top of the list; Wordle is a world famous online word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle and published by The New York Times Company. Most popular words after Wordle:

  • 1. Word
  • 2. India vs. England
  • 3. Ukraine
  • 4. Queen Elizabeth
  • 5. Indus vs SA
  • 6. World Cup
  • 7. India vs West Indies
  • 8. iPhone 14
  • 9. Jeffrey Dahmer
  • 10 Indian Premier League

News category / Most popular news of 2022

Google Trends

War in the geography of Ukraine, the last British monarchs II. Elizabeth’s death, lottery numbers and the monkeypox virus; It was one of the most popular news headlines on Google.

  • 1. Ukraine
  • 2. Passage of Queen Elizabeth
  • 3. Election results
  • 4. Powerball numbers
  • 5 Monkeypox

Category Celebrities / Most Popular People of 2022

Google Trends

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the Oscars were two events that many people followed in 2022 and were covered by almost every news channel. Besides them, another name on the list was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ended up on the list on the basis of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

  • 1. Johnny Depp
  • 2. Will Smith
  • 3. Amber Heard
  • 4. Vladimir Putin
  • 5. Chris Rock

Movie Category / Most Popular Movies of 2022

Google Trends

One of the most searched movies on Google this year is Thor: Love and Thunder, which grossed over $750 million in its first 5 months of release. Other popular games of the year such as Black Adam, Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman and Encanto follow Thor: Love and Thunder on the list.

  • 1. Thor: Love and Thunder
  • 2. Black Adam
  • 3 Top Shooter: Maverick
  • 4. Batman
  • 5. Encanto

Song category – most popular songs of 2022

Most of us expected other works, yes. Surprisingly, the global scale may not always meet our expectations.

  • 1. So Ingin Usai – Keisa Levronka
  • 2. Pasouri – Ali Sethi and Shay Gill
  • 3. Look at us – Joji
  • 4. Danny Kuknan and Happy Asmara
  • 5.ミックスナッツ – Official high dundism

Series Category / Most Popular TV Series of 2022

The Europhia series, which has been airing since 2019 and broadcast on Blutv in our country, has become the most watched TV show of the year.

  • 1. Europe
  • 2. House of the Dragon
  • 3. Moon Knight
  • 4. Observer
  • 5. Turning Anna

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