World famous supermodel Gigi Hadid was arrested for carrying drugs in a suitcase.

Famous supermodel Gigi Hadid and her friend Leah McCarthy were arrested in the Cayman Islands, west of the Caribbean, where she went on vacation.

It became known that the 28-year-old model was detained at the airport. It was stated that the reason for the detention was the presence of drugs in Hadid’s suitcase.

Released on bail
It became known that Hadid and her friend, who went to jail after being detained on July 10, were released on bail of a thousand dollars.

Although news of the arrest spread as a rumor, Hadid’s spokesman confirmed the incident with a statement.

A spokesperson said: “Gigi was traveling around New York with a medically licensed drug that was being used legally. This substance is also legal in Grand Cayman as of 2017. So his record is clean and he is enjoying his time on the island.”

Hadid, while sharing photos and videos of her vacation with her friend on social media, omitted the note “All that ends well is well,” making it clear that she had put her bad experience behind her.

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