During The Game Awards 2022, all Among Us fans will have an “Interesting?” There was a question, and it didn’t take long to figure out what “interesting” it was. A radical update for Among Us has been long overdue. For a significant amount of time, the game only had Classic Mode, and it was impossible to play any other mode. The Among Us hide and seek mode, which is very suitable for the Among Us theme, offers a variety of entertainment for all players. Let’s analyze in detail.

What awaits us in this article?

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Hide and Seek Among Us, a brand new game mode that’s packed with innovation and places the Imposter at the center of the world-famous indie multiplayer game Among Us.

We won’t reveal all the surprises of the Among Us Hide and Seek mode released in the new update, but we’ve also prepared a mini-guide on how to play this mode.

Happy reading and playing!

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Hide Among Us mode and its innovations

This brand new game mode brings with it many new and interesting game mechanics.

Here are the innovations introduced by the game, item by item:

What’s new in the Imposter

– The new ping system sends out red ping rings from each teammate’s location, giving the Imposter a general idea of ​​where to find teammates.

– In addition, the Imposter gets a significant speed boost to keep up with any teammates roaming the vents.

– In addition to the ping system and speed increase, impostors; The update also includes a new map that allows remaining teammates to see the terrain in a rough way.

– There can only be one Pretender in the game.

What’s new in the team

– The only task left for your teammates in this game mode is to survive from the oncoming Imposter.

– Every few seconds, team members will see a red signal above their heads that the Imposter can use to find them.

– Teammates can now take a short break in the game settings menu for a time set by the server when escaping the Imposter.

– Completing each given mission will negatively impact the timer, giving the Imposter less time to find and eliminate all teammates.

– If you are a team member; Keep an eye on the hazard indicator field in the upper left corner of the screen at all times. When the Imposter approaches you, this box, which will rise to loud music, will be a real lifesaver for the team. Every time the counter drops, you realize that you are far away from the Imposter.

New game difficulty options

– Beginner mode which is the best option for new players.

– “Casual” mode for those who just want to have fun and do not pretend to master the game.

– “Serious” mode for those who want to win and think over every step of the game.

– Expert mode for players specialized and experienced in Among Us..

Setting options and other features

– You can change the map.

– You can set how far teammates and Impostors can see.

– You can now set the number of short and long tasks, as well as general tasks.

– You can designate a player as an Impostor by choosing their username, or let the Impostor walk among you like in classic mode.

– You can adjust the speed of the players.

– You can set how many short breaks players can take during pre-game play.

– By enabling flashlight mode, you can open a specific field of view for each player, or leave it closed so that each player can only see a limited perimeter of the area they are in. You can also define the width of the field of view that the flashlight will provide to the players.

– You can set impostors’ speed during Final Hide.

– In Final Hide mode, you can determine whether team members will ping or not.

– You can set whether or not teammates’ usernames will be displayed above their heads while playing hide-and-seek. Disabling this feature will make it harder for imposters if one of their teammates is hiding behind a certain object.

How to play hide and seek among us?

hide and seek among us

The rules of Hide and Seek Among Us are fairly simple as they are based on the core rules of the classic mode, but things seem to have changed quite a bit in this mode.

The main differences between Classic and Hide and Seek is that teammates can now take a break, while Imposter cannot. However, the Imposter can be known from the start and no emergency encounter can interfere with his efforts to take down the team, meaning that the Imposter can now kill multiple team members in a row.

As the impostor approaches you, the danger meter will fill up, turn red, and the soundtrack will get louder. These signs indicate when you should run. When you are not near the Imposter, you must complete missions for the timer to go off. As the hide timer runs out, the doors to a new process called “Final Hiding” will open.

During Final Hide, the Imposters gain a significant speed boost to help them chase down team members who are left behind, and a search map that lets them know the general area of ​​their remaining teammates. Anyone who is not an Imposter must either hide it very well or defeat the Imposter before time runs out.

It’s also important to note that a red circle will appear above you every few seconds, giving the Imposter an even greater advantage in Final Hide.

Instead of results…

The game’s developer, Innersloth, seems to be following the trends that players and publishers are following to recreate the magical atmosphere of Among Us when it first came out. The Hide N Seek mode, which was distributed to all players with a free update right after The Game Awards, can be seen as a sign that Among Us may be announcing additional game modes in the coming months. The new Among Us mode and the innovation it brings should be seen within that framework.

The hide and seek update doesn’t just bring certain innovations. There are also a few notable changes to the game’s stability level. After this update, we can say that Among Us gameplay is more stable than ever. Among us; In addition to PC, it can be played on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as devices running Android and iOS platforms. For more information about this patch, you can visit the Among Us official website.

Fun games for everyone!

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