Well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk, who appears among the richest people in the world, has set his sights on American billionaire George Soros.

Musk, who previously told Soros, “The world is in trouble,” this time defended his tweets. He stated that he would continue to say what he wanted, even if his posts cost his company money.

Soros is a scourge for the whole world.”

“You assume these people have good intentions, but they don’t. They want to destroy the fabric of civilization.”

These words belong to Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter and one of the richest businessmen in the world.


Musk gave an interview to the American television channel CNBC. He defended his tweets targeting US billionaire George Soros.

In an interview, Musk was reminded of what he had written.

He was asked about shares in Tesla, which he owns, and Twitter, which has slashed ad revenue.

After announcing that he had stepped down as CEO of Twitter some time ago, Musk said he didn’t care.

He stressed that he would continue to speak his mind even if the result was a loss of money. At the end of March, Soros Fund Management sold all of its shares in Tesla.

In addition, Tesla shares lost 11% in April.

This development is ostensibly behind Musk’s increasing targeting of Soros.

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