It has long been known that nutrition and eating habits directly affect human health. In this direction, although it is loved by many, experts argue that “fried” should be avoided for a healthy lifestyle. Because fried food is one of the main causes of obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and many other health problems. However, a recently published study shows that frying may also be directly linked to new health problems. According to a study by Chinese scientists, french fries, and especially french fries, increase the risk of anxiety and depression. Let’s look at the details together.

Roast directly and negatively affects human health.

Experts state that fried foods can cause many health problems if eaten regularly and for a long time. Scientific studies show that fried foods cause obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and many other health problems.

However, a recently published study showed that french fries, especially french fries, have a negative impact not only on physical health, but also on mental health.

A research team in Hangzhou, China found that fried foods, especially french fries, can cause anxiety and depression.

The study, which lasted about 11 years, involved 140,728 people. It was found that 8,294 people who regularly ate french fries suffered from anxiety, and 12,735 people from depression.

According to a Chinese study, people who regularly eat french fries are more likely to experience anxiety and depression compared to those who don’t.

According to experts, people who overeat french fries are 12 percent more likely to experience anxiety. These people have a 7 percent higher risk of developing depression. On the other hand, the interesting results of many years of research are not limited to this.

French fries increase the risk of anxiety and depression, especially in teenagers and young men.

So fried foods, and more often french fries, have a more negative impact on the mental health of adolescents, and among adolescents, boys. Because, again, according to the study, french fry consumption is much more common among young people and young men compared to other elements of the demographic structure.

A chemical called acrylamide has been linked to an increased risk of anxiety and depression in people who frequently eat french fries.


This chemical is produced when potatoes are fried and increases the risk of anxiety and depression, experts say. Zebrafish, which are social creatures under normal conditions, are known to undergo significant changes in their behavior after exposure to the chemical acrylamide, and they practically go through a process of social isolation.

According to experts, when it comes to french fries and human health, what food is fried and how it is fried is very important.


Walter Willett of Harvard University expressed his opinion on the matter as follows:The health effects of fried foods largely depend on what food is fried and what type of oil is used for frying.puts it into words.

The chemical acrylamide does not only appear when frying potatoes.


Walter Willett states that this chemical is also formed when coffee beans are roasted. However, when carbohydrates and proteins are cooked or heated at the same time, the chemical acrylamide is produced.

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