The February 6th earthquake killed thousands of people and caused great destruction in 10 of our cities. On the other hand, the number of our citizens left homeless in the earthquake zone was in the millions. However, it was stated that the housing problem in some areas affected by the earthquake has not yet been resolved, and that many tents and containers are needed. Unfortunately, today another bad news came from an earthquake-prone region, where conditions were quite difficult. Heavy rain, especially in Sanliurfa, Malatya and Adiyaman, turned into a flood. According to reports from the region, 13 of our citizens were killed. In addition, it was stated that there are our citizens missing due to the flood, and search and rescue work continues. Let’s look at the details together.

Torrential rain in the disaster area, trying to heal its wounds after the earthquakes on February 6, unfortunately, caused a new disaster.

The rains, especially in Sanlıurfa, Malatya and Adıyaman, caused another significant destruction in the earthquake area, where many people still live in tents. Tut Adiyaman received 136 millimeters of rain per square meter in the past 24 hours, while 111 millimeters fell in Sanlıurfa, according to a statement from AFAD.

Some settlements in regions where there were heavy rains were flooded

Flooding occurred in the flood zone, especially in the first floor houses. Many cars were also flooded with water.

11 people died in Sanlıurfa


In Sanlıurfa, where many areas were flooded, the lifeless bodies of 5 people were found in an apartment in the basement of an apartment building. In the following hours, a passenger car was removed from the underpass of the Abide-Koprulu intersection using a crane. Two bodies were found in the car.

As a result of the flood in Adiyaman, 2 people died.


Two people in a container in the Tutsky district, unfortunately, died as a result of the flood. It was announced that one of the dead was a 1.5-year-old boy.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who conducted the investigation in Adiyaman, shared information that search and rescue operations are ongoing.


Soylu’s statement,’At present, 10 detachments of 163 people are engaged in search and rescue operations on a 25-kilometer section, there are also divers. But the weather and conditions do not allow much.” used phrases.

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