19 people were detained during operations in 5 provinces against names associated with the Fethullahist terrorist organization.

Under the coordination of the Antalya Prosecutor General’s Office, the Anti-Smuggling Department of the Antalya Police Department organized “Operation Gazi Turgut Aslan” for the current FETO structure.

During the simultaneous operation in the 5 provinces of Antalya, 19 suspects were caught, including high positions in the organization and still working as active civil servants.

As part of the investigation, it was found that the children of families affiliated with the organization gave lessons under the guise of private lessons, embezzling money from affiliated teachers, called pedagogical trainers, they used the organization line and Internet communication programs. for communication, and members of the organization outside the province were given a “salary” by courier or ATMs without card transactions. It was established that they sent money under the name.

One of the 19 detained suspects was released after the completion of the proceedings.

During the detention of 5 suspects brought to court, it was decided to apply measures in the form of house arrest to 5, measures of judicial control to 8 of them.

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