The FBI also joined in the discussion that the coronavirus, which began in the United States, spread from a laboratory in China.

The coronavirus that emerged in 2019 and captivated the whole world has changed economic balances and caused the death of an estimated 7 million people. So how did Covid-19 appear, the traces of which could not be completely erased, although about 3 years have passed? FBI Director Christopher Wray, who took part in the recent debate about the origin of the virus, pointed to laboratories in China.

The debate about the origin of the coronavirus, which has caused more than 7 million deaths worldwide and has been in effect since 2019, has recently flared up again. Both the psychological and economic consequences of the virus, which manifested itself in various variants, especially Omicron, but was brought under control with measures, could not yet be completely eliminated. How the coronavirus, which was first seen in Wuhan, China, spreads has not yet been fully determined.

The coronavirus has added to the political tensions between the US and China in recent days. While it has been debated whether the virus leaked from a lab in China, considered the “starting point”, or whether it originated in the animal market, a recent news story from the American Wall Street Journal has had a big impact. The WSJ, in a news story titled “Dept of Energy Says Covid-19 Pandemic Likely Source of Lab Leak,” released new information from U.S. sources about China.

In the news, a new study by the US Department of Energy stated that the virus most likely spread from a lab in Wuhan and claimed that the virus was “man-made.”

While details of the preliminary report obtained by the WSJ were awaited, a new statement came from the FBI. Christopher Wray, director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), said the coronavirus “probably leaked from a laboratory under the control of the Chinese government.”

Speaking to Fox News, Ray said, “The FBI thought for a while that the pandemic likely started as a result of a lab-related event,” and stated that this is the opinion of the FBI as an institution. Thus, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the FBI revealed its opinion about the origin of the virus.

The FBI director said: “China is doing everything possible to thwart attempts to determine the origin of the pandemic and cover up the facts. This is very unfortunate for all of us,” he accused China.

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