Interesting and even creepy “ghostly” stories take place in different countries of the world. Haunted mansions, cursed buildings, mysterious ruins… These unusual stories, embellished with paranormal phenomena, have attracted the attention of many people since ancient times. Of course, many of these ghost stories from different countries are similar to each other. At the same time, almost all of them are simple misunderstandings or malicious deceptions. But Bhangarh Fort in India has some features that make it different from all the other ghostly structures you know.

Firstly, entering Bhangarh Fort after sunset is prohibited by the Government of India! The reason for the ban is paranormal activity inside the castle! However, this historic building is visited by dozens of adventurous tourists every year. Here’s what you need to know about Bhangarh Fort, the haunted Indian structure.

Bhangarh Fort was built in 1573 by the then ruler Raja Bhagwan Das.

Raja Bhagwan Das asked for a fort to be built for his youngest son Madho Singh in a wooded area between the cities of Jaipur and Alwar in the Sariska region of India. In the following years, this is how a castle arose, in which ghosts, and not members of the royal family, would roam.

There are many other buildings in the area where the castle was built.

The surroundings of the castle are full of various shops, temples and houses. So, Bhangarh Fort was built hundreds of years ago as a living quarters. In other words, before the castle was taken over by ghosts, it existed as one of the settlements of important people at that time. So how did this thriving human settlement and Bhangarh Fort, once inhabited by dozens of people, turn into one of India’s most famous and creepy structures?

There are several stories about the “ghosts of Bhangarh Fort”.

According to one of the widespread legends, an evil sorcerer named Singhia falls in love with a princess named Ratnavati, who lives in a castle, but cannot reciprocate his love and therefore curses the princess, her family and all the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Thus, all the inhabitants of the settlement, in the center of which is the Bhangarh Fort, mysteriously die in a short time, and the region eventually turns into an abandoned and eerie ruin. Of course, deserted and haunted ruins top the list of favorite haunted places in India…

According to another story, the man who made the castle a haunted place was a saint named Baba Bala Nath.

Bhangarh fort

Baba Bala Nath, who lived in a temple in the area where the castle was built, only allows the building of a castle on one condition. The shadow of the castle will not fall on the temple. The saint’s condition is accepted by the owners of the castle, and construction begins.

The agreement was respected. The shadow of the castle does not fall on the temple. However, the columns, which were built later and belong to the castle, outshine the temple. After that, Baba Bala Nath curses the castle and its inhabitants, as in the first legend…

Bhangarh Fort was completely abandoned in 1837.

Bhangarh fort

Castle legends aside, a major haunting occurred after this date. Locals in the area began to hear the mysterious screams and voices of their dead relatives from the castle, which was turning into an increasingly neglected and creepy place.

Today, not only locals, but many people around the world believe that the castle is haunted.

Bhangarh fort

Tourists visiting the area and the castle say that they get the feeling that something mysterious is haunting them inside and that they don’t feel well when they are inside the castle. However, there are also tourists who claim to hear strange sounds coming from inside the castle.

The Indian government has banned visiting the fort before sunrise and after sunset.

Bhangarh fort

Around the castle there are many tablets with these prohibitions written. Because foreign tourists insist on entering the castle, especially at night, to get a closer look at the ghosts in the castle. However, the locals, who acknowledge that the castle is haunted and accept the situation, prefer to stay away from the spooky structure.

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